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March manicure ♥

Thursday, March 13, 2014 @ 2:35 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

Today I will be sharing with you girls my nail design for March done by Rachel.nailz!!

This month I wanted to go for something simple to give my nails a break from the extensions the past 2 months. Rachel went for a classic black and white design and added beautiful rose patterns!!

Manicure designed and done by Rachel.nailz:

Isn't it gorgeous?? Looks soo classy *.*

These are Gelish nails by the way!! They can last forever (if you don't deliberately try to damage it) until you decide to remove it! It wouldn't chip off like non-Gelish manicures do.

It doesn't even chip when handling my hamster, Lumi, who's obsessed with nibbling nails ♥.♥ #lumithehamster

I really think Rachel's skills improved a lot since the first time I met her back in October last year!!

Lets compare

Galaxy nails did back in October 2013

and the most recent rose-patterned nails!

Super talented manicurist that definitely deserves more attention!

Some other pretty rose-patterned designs she did for her other customers:

Like her page at >>>Rachel.nailz<<< if you like her manicure designs too and be updated of any event/discounts/giveaways she may have in the future!

The giveaway last month was a success and the winners have been chosen!

Winner for the gift set: Cycena Wu Ci Hui
Winner for the free manicure: Serene Peh

Please check your Facebook private message and "others" folder! Ignore this if you have already done so :)

Rachel.nailz is located at:

Blk 47, Tanglin Halt Road, #01-323 (Commonwealth), Singapore 141047

How to get there:
(Click to enlarge)

Contact her at 9185 5502 to book an appointment!! 

That's all for today's update!! Thanks for reading! ♥

Signing off,

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