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Review: The Kase (Part 1)

Monday, March 31, 2014 @ 5:25 AM | 18 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing my new customised phone casing done at The Kase!

The Kase is an international brand that specialises in fashionable and customised mobile phone and tablet accessories. The Kase is launched in France in 2012 and they have boutiques all over the world!

The Kase is a great place to get customised phone/tablet cases as gifts as it will be a design nobody else would own!

Gift ideas:

- A customised design used by a group of friends (e.g. a clique)
- Anniversary gift
- Birthday present
- Christmas

The Kase is also a great place for people who would like any particular photo(s)/design(s) and want it personalised on your phone cases (like me)!

If you don't use any of the popular phone models such as Samsung galaxy and Apple's iPhone, The Kase provides phone casing for almost any phone models, even for Blackberry, Sony, HTC, and Nokia users!! You can check out their website for the devices they provide cases for >>The Kase<<

If you aren't interested in customising, here are some of the cases and covers they have ready-made in store:

I highly recommend getting phone cases from The Kase because you wouldn't have to worry about your cases getting scratched-up being put together with your keys in the pocket or bag , The Kase provides high quality and scratch-proof cases! These will be cases that will be able to last for a long time!

The helpful and friendly staff, Terence, at The Kase quickly guided me through the customisation process.

Terence showing me the cases available for my phone model (Samsung Note 2). They have a transparent casing, black casing, white flip case, pink flip case, and black flip case.

I chose the pink flip case!!

Me being upset with my 3G running too slowly while emailing my photo over till I realise they have WiFi available in store -_-

If you don't have a photo/design prepared before visiting The Kase, you can grab photos off you Facebook and Instagram from directly their app!!

Boyf playing around with the app while waiting for me to be done ^^

How the app looks like from my perspective!

While "designing" my case, actually it's just adding my blog link on a photo shot and edited by Dezant from the same series as my current blog banner :x

Fuss-free customisation process. Took me less than 5 minutes!

Before adding any text

After adding my blog link! ^^

My final design!

Terence told us that the Kase would be ready in about 20 minutes because there are a few other designs being printed, they were quite busy that day. They can definitely get it printed for you a lot faster if you visit The Kase during weekdays before off-work timings!!

Looked around the store with boyf while waiting excitedly for my design to be printed!

Samples of how photos would look like printed on different phone models' cases!

Selfies while waiting!! You don't have to wait in the store la, can shop around and come back later, we just had nothing better to do LOL.

The customisation workshop where the designs get printed! Every design printing process is carefully watched over by the staff at The Kase so you can rest assure that nothing will go wrong. ^^

After 20 minutes, the casing was ready and handed over to me!

I was really impressed by the quality!! It turned out exactly as what I previewed off the screen during my designing process, no misalignment whatsoever!!

Side by side comparison.

How the flip side of the cover looks like!! MAJOR LOVE!!

 Candid shots taken by boyf today at dinner. Been using the case for a week now, the case is still in a great condition!! No scratches whatsoever! But the front of the pink flip cover gets dirty easily, wished I got a black flip cover or a transparent casing instead. Still loving it nonetheless!

Get your very own customised cases done at the following outlets in Singapore:

ION Orchard


Parkway Parade
B1 #150-151

For more information about The Kase's products and promotions, visit

The Kase's website:
The Kase's Facebook page:

Stay tuned as I will be blogging a part 2 about another one of their product, a lipstick-designed powerbank!

Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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