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2013 recap

Saturday, January 18, 2014 @ 12:29 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi guys!

Today I'm gonna be recapping highlights of my 2013. It was a year that seemed to have went by really quickly for me. Experienced many new things in modelling that year and made a lot of new friends along the way!


I had my very first charity bike photoshoot!

Did a blog post about it here: Charity Superbikes Calendar Photoshoot

Went for my very first Mando-pop artiste (Rainie Yang's) concert!

Bloggged about it here:  Rainie Yang's concert!

Met MamboStevie and had my first organised group shoot!

This was my facebook cover photo for a REALLY long time LOL!! I miss his botak head at times :P

Met Tracy (from Stardom Talentz) at another mass shoot! She was the one that led me to my filming opportunities so I am really thankful to have met her! Also met one of my now closest friend, Anqi, from that very shoot!

Had my first blogshop shoot as well! (Wah 很多第一次)


My birthday which my crazy boyfriend that I love so much went to buy me an iTouch in PINK for my birthday because my (then) Motorola phone was crap.


First filming experience as an extra!

Photo with 黄玉青 who was acting that day!


Worked at HTC!

Got chosen as St Ives brand ambassador but I didn't do any review at all :X

First runway show!

Met Yasu (photographer)!

One of my favourite photos shot with him! We became good friends and he always supports me at events and updates me about things to watch out for in the industry ^^

2nd time as an extra for filming but 1st time filming for a local movie!

Blogged about my filming experiences here: Experience with filming

First lingerie photoshoot!

The month I decided to withdraw from Singapore Polytechnic (Interior Design)

First night photoshoot!


First student theme photoshoot!

Worked at WDA for a short while before mummy gave me the green light to study at Kaplan!

First TVC filming!

First time acting in a Channel 5 film with lines and close-up!

Blogged here:


Met Venom, a group shoot organiser because he needed a replacement urgently early in the morning and I picked up his call even though I was sleeping LOL!

Met Gavin who took really pretty photos for me at a night photoshoot!

Used this picture as blog banner for quite awhile too heh.

Started schooling at Kaplan and made amazing friends and study buddies throughout the 2 months of common foundation term! Though we don't hang out anymore, I am still really thankful to have met these wonderful people and wish them all the best in the courses they are taking now. Miss you guys <3


Met Eugene (Aeg) and Wayne (SOHWAYNE) for fashion shoot!! Had amazing photos from them, still using Wayne's picture as my Instagram display picture hehe

Bought a Samsung Note 2 that I'm still using now!! I'm a supporter of Android phones and I'm bias against all Apple products (I only use iTouch to see emojis and as 2nd alarm :X) #factsaboutme

Met Roy for a fun couple and friend photoshoot!!

Attended my first Jay Chou concert with Esther!! ♥♥

Celebrated boyfie's 21st birthday!! Picked up piano again in secret to cover a song on piano (my keyboard in this case cause my old grand piano's sold many years ago) to surprise my boyf!! Picked it up again from my piano teacher that taught me around 10 years ago LOL!! She's super cute and lovable! ♥♥


Got full marks for one of my foundation module's (Critical Thinking) group presentation!! Super proud moment please I never forget my full marks that are difficult to get HAHA :P

Bought couple rings with boyfie!! Still wearing mine everyday~ ♥

First car show (launch of Chevy Malibu)!

Celebrated our 1 year anniversary at Sentosa Cove!!


My first time attending a press launch!

Met Zhen Chang of Chen Z Photography through Anqi for a bikini shoot! Extremely nice guy that did my Christmas outdoor shoot as well! (Y)


Starting my diploma course (Counselling)! Hated and dreaded the class last year at this point of time but school is so much better now!! Love my girls~

Met Brad (ladyironchef), chef Sam and his wife, and Dawn Yang!!!

Celebrated Anqi's birthday!!

First costume event (as Chang Er)!

Did my first mess camp event!

Got in Fight360 as ring girl. The event ended already by the way, it ended up as utter rubbish. May or may not blog about the experience the girls had to go through. I don't regret joining the contest though, made lots of new friends/acquaintances and experienced something new!

Sent boyf off for his longest field camp (23 days) ever to Australia Wallaby that month :(

Blogged here: September updates

Had my first visit to Blisshouse themed restaurant!

Blogged here: Special dates: Blisshouse (I owe you guys 1 more post on another special date from September... will try to find time to blog about it :x)


Tried out boxing and Muay Thai lessons at Fight360 and Exotic dance at ACTFA.

Got nails, hair, and masks sponsors!!

Celebrated Halloween for the first time in 19 years!! Haven't got a chance to dress up yet though :(

Halloween with The Cursed Studios! (Haven't blogged about the event experience yet :X Shall find time to do so heh)

Spooktacular!! This was the funniest and one of the less scary "ghost" around xD

Won a X-mini speaker!


Dyed my hair red!! Which faded in about a month :( Loved the colour soo much!!

Met Dezant (photographer) and had an awesome photoshoot!! His photo is used for my blog banner currently hehe ^^ ♥

Did my first fine art concept shoot with Squall!

Played the role of a rape victim and had photos taken for Channel 5's upcoming show, "Zero Calling"!

December (finally!)

Ate at Tung Lok for the first time thanks to bby's luck at 4D! :p

Went Zoukout for the first time!! :D

Best family day out we've had in a long time (though things didn't really get better after, but for just that 1 day, things were really really good). Went Triple three @ Somerset and shopped around Orchard, was super happy that day ^^

The day mummy bought my X'mas present!! My current favourite concealer that I use everyday! ^^

Christmas celebration with my beloved girls at Joey's house! ♥♥♥

Did santarina photoshoots! Both indoor and outdoor! Indoor with JC Pictures and outdoor with Zhen Chang (Chen Z Photography)!

Indoor shoot!

Outdoor shoot!

Met one of my favourite breed of dog (pug) there!! She was wearing a costume too SO CUTE!!

Celebrated Christmas with boyf!!

Presents we got for each other ♥♥♥

Did a samurai/ninja theme photoshoot!!

Met up with secondary school mates at Abram's place!

Won a lucky draw thanks to boyfie who entered it for me without my knowledge!!

Counted down to 2014 at club toxic (which was pretty disappointing, but the company was what mattered more!!)

Not the whole group of people (there were 14 people there that night!!), still waiting for Toxic to upload photos taken at the countdown -_-

And that's it for the recap of 2013!!

2014 has been really good for me so far!

My new year resolutions are:

- To go to school everyday!! (Credits to Aquarius buddy for thinking of this for me LOL)
- Procrastinate LESS
- Be on time for work!
- Save at least $2K in piggy bank by end of 2014!
- Try to get 6hours of sleep a day
- Exercise more

And so far I have been following every single resolution since the day I've set them!! Super proud of myself! I used to skip school A LOT (maybe 4 lessons out of 10?) and have NEVER been on time for school in 2013, but this year, I've been going to school everyday and most of the time never more than 15minutes late! There was once I even went to school 20mins early (my school starts at 8.30am)!! Hope I'll be able to keep it up and ace my last 4 modules in school!

Haven't really been actively doing modeling/events so far because I really want to work hard and do well, been only getting passes and credits in school, I know I can do a lot better than that! 

Off to do my assignments now, that's all for today's update!! Thank you for reading! ♥♥

Signing off,

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