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Hi again my lovelies!

I changed my header again and made my font bigger! I hope it's easier for you guys to read now! ^^

Today's update will be of my awesome new hair colour done by J7 Image at Far East Plaza #02-14!

Was really excited to get my hair done as I was told that I would be getting a hair makeover!

This is my hair before my hair makeover.

My first impression of J7 image was that it looked like an expensive hair salon!! It really stood out amongst all the cheapo looking hair salons along the same stretch :X

I mad hate salons with strong chemical smell. Imagine staying at those salons for hours doing hair omg $10 dye I also don't want please!! Worst nightmare is if the scissors/shavers they use still got the previous customers' hair on it!!! I once bought a Groupon voucher last year and got that kind of salon, paid $40+ with Groupon voucher somemore!! Disgusting salon never mind, they offered horrible service, horrible uneven hair colour, and the entire hair time they were just yanking at my hair!!! There's a common Chinese saying, "一分钱,一分货" which basically means what you pay is what you'll get. Not going to name the salon but it's located and Clementi and it's all PINK.

When I stepped into J7 Image, I was greeted warmly by their friendly and stylish hair stylists! The whole environment was really comfortable, clean and they offer great service! Love the stylists, they are really damn friendly and humourous people! The salon had NO CHEMICAL SMELL AT ALL. The dye they use is ammonia-free! Will tell you more about the awesome dye later so keep reading :p

I thought their interior is really nicely designed as well! I love the "J" which divides the hair washing area and hair cutting area.

It's actually a cupboard!!

Pictures credit to  J7 Image facebook page!

I sat down and my stylist J decided on my hair colour with Jeft. They decided to do red highlights with violet dark brown at the back and level down brown at the top of my hair! I've never dyed red before so I was really excited to see the outcome!


Unevenly dyed with horrible black roots and extremely frizzy ends :(

Warm tea and biscuits while my hair is pampered by J heh.

J changed my hair parting! Do you know you are advised to change your hair parting every few months? Else the gap showing your scalp may widen over time O.O I think those ah ma ah gong parting confirm never change before that's why got bald spot la.

While dyeing my hair. Whoo hoo Medusa~

Everyone laughing at me when this happened lah!! Even I also laughing at myself LOLOL!!

The dye they use is INOA hair colour by L'Oreal! It is AMMONIA FREE! What does that mean?? MEANS NO SMELLY HAIR AFTER DYEING YAY!! I didn't feel like I was dying of chemical smell like I usually do, SO SURPRISED! People often day "pregnant and breastfeeding mummies shouldn't dye their hair", it is because hair dyes contain ammonia, but the dye used by  J7 Image does not contain ammonia, means pregnant and breastfeeding mummies can colour their hair without worries!!

Also got other awesome things about the dye la, like more hydrated and shiny hair, scalp comfort (lesser stinging feeling), etc. but I think most amazing thing is that is has no odor!! I've been to a salon at MBS before using Groupon voucher and the dye still got smell eh! The dye job at such an expensive place was bad as well, meh.

When washing my hair, my scalp felt damn shiok as there was a cooling sensation like when you use minty dandruff shampoo. J told me that they use a mint shampoo which was good for the scalp!

After washing off the dye, I did a hair treatment called SHINE CARE using O3 treatment! It is supposed to make your hair smooth, shiny, and make your dye last longer! I was skeptical about this one as usually treatments I've done wouldn't make much of a difference, once I wash hair at home the effect would be more or less gone. BUT NO EH. I've done my hair 2 weeks ago and my hair is still really soft, smooth, and more manageable! My friends would touch my hair and go "Wah! Why dye already still so smooth??" I also cannot stop molesting my hair :p

After washing my hair and drying it after treatment, J applied this hair mask which made my hair smell really sweet omgggg I was so happy because I have shiny + soft hair that smells awesome~~

After blow drying and hours of hair pampering...

The after results!!! (top) COMPARE WITH BEFORE (below)



After some hair styling by J and touch ups by Jeft...

The final look before I left the salon!

This is my hairstylist J! If you're there look for him, I trust him 101% with my hair now~

My hair the next day after washing!!!

Under sunlight! Hehehe super love it!!

This is after 3 days! ♥♥♥

J7 Image
Far East Plaza

(Go up the stairs beside 7-11 to level 2, turn left towards a tattoo shop, and walk straight ahead. It's near the public washroom!)

HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS! I have 3 hair vouchers for a 50% off ALL HAIR SERVICES!

1 hair colour dye job's usual price is $157, with the 50% off is only $78.50!!!
For the SHINE CARE treatment's usual price is $87, with 50% off is only $43.50!!!

All you have to do is email me at with your
  • Full name
  • Address (meet up to my convenience, email me to discuss)
That's it! No terms and conditions, just the first 3 to email me will have the voucher!
Do take note that you will have to use the voucher WITHIN NOVEMBER. Latest by the 30th!

If you do not get the voucher, you can quote "jesslimcy" for a 20% off all hair services as well!

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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