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[Sponsored Review] Rachel.nailz

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 12:00 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

Today's update is something special mainly for my female readers. It's all about nails

I've got a new nail sponsor, Rachel.nailz!

Those who stay at the Central-Western end of Singapore (Queenstown, Commonwealth, Dover, etc.), you're in luck!!

Rachel.nailz is a home based nail salon conveniently located near Commonwealth MRT!
I was really happy because I stay only a 5 minute bus ride away from her heh ^^

My first appointment with Rachel.nailz on 1st October.

Here's Rachel meticulously painting my tiny nails~

Have you ever experienced being alone at nail salons where the atmosphere feels SO AWKWARD because both your hands are busy, you can't do anything other than stare at your manicurist doing your nails but she is not even making any effort to strike up a conversation?? That wasn't the case with Rachel! There was no awkward moments and I felt really comfortable chatting with her. ^^

Pretty nail designs on display~ ^^

I've always been a really budget person whether it's clothes, food, even nails. I've done my nails at various salons at places like Far East Plaza and Bugis just because it's cheaper at those places ($18~$30 for express Gellish) but honestly, even my GELLISH nails (supposedly permanent till soaked off) can break or crack within the first 2 weeks! Like whut. And I'll have to suffer with ugly nails until I had time to soak them off T.T

I am soso surprised by how lasting Rachel.nailz's Gellish is!! As now I am running for Fight 360 ring girls contest, I've been sponsored Muay Thai and Boxing with them so my nails are even more prone to chipping/cracking (I have EXTREMELY weak nails) but Rachel.nailz's Gellish doesn't crack or peel off at all!!

My nails after 2 weeks!!

This is the UV nail lamp they used to cure my nails in a matter of seconds!

At Far East Plaza/Bugis nail salons, I'll have to wait around 20 seconds for my nails to completely cure. Using this baby at Rachel.nailz, it only took less that 10 seconds! O.O Even though it wasn't my first time doing nails I was surprised by so many things!

 When I heard the prices Rachel.nailz charge for her services my face was like

Only $20 for express Gellish manicure!!! (Say what??)

And she only charge an additional $15~$35 (all 10 nails, not just 1) for manicure designs like these

For high quality Gellish, fantastically skilled manicurist and great service at such low prices?! I seriously don't know where else I can find such a nail salon. Feel so lucky that I've found Rachel.nailz!!

My nails after they're done by Rachel.nailz! (Galaxy nails to match my galaxy phone wall paper + diamond screen protector hehe!)

Left hand

Right hand

Soo pretty ♥.♥

My nail design only costs an additional $15!!

I did classic Gellish which includes removing cuticles ($35) so in total, my set of pretty galaxy nails only cost $50!! (WHY SO CHEAP?!)

Some past designs done by Rachel.nailz

Singing Bone Hello Kitty during the MacDonald's Hello Kitty craze!

Classic Gellish pedicure is only $45 and classic normal (not Gellish) manicure only $20, classic pedicure at only $30!

Sign up for packages for even cheaper prices! O.O

Gellish packages:

5 Gellish sessions for $200 (save $10!)
10 Gellish sessions for $300 (save S50!!)

Show that you've liked Rachel.nailz's Facebook page for a 5% discount!

Photo credits: Wong Jieyi (text edited by me)

Quote "" to get an additional 5% discount!

Halloween nail designs!

Contact Rachel.nailz at 91855502 to book your appointment and for further enquiries!
Rachel.nailz's Instagram: @Rachelnailz

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading! ♥

Signing off,

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