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Experience with filming

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Hello everyone!

On the previous update I mentioned that I filmed as extras for two shows. Today, I will be elaborating on my experience with filming!

Before this, I had zero experience with filming. Never filmed for any television shows/advertisements as extras, not even videos of myself on youtube. Was extremely lucky to get my first extras role through a friend I met through Miss Singapore World 2013 auditions (which by the way results are delayed till I don't even know when), Jasavelle! She mentioned about needing 2 female extras, I just passed her my number and I was called immediately the next day!

1st filming exprience

My first filming experience was on the 18th February. Had absolutely no idea what I should expect during filming. Woke up ultra early (I think around 6am??) to prepare as we were supposed to reach at 8am! Met up with Esther and cabbed to filming location!

Filming was at a small chinese restaurant. Waited for awhile and got our hair done by a super cute and funny hairdresser and his assistant!

This is before the hairdressing. Just realised we didn't camwhore together after the hairdressing :(

Met two mediacorp artistes that were filming on that day. I have no idea what their names are but they are both friendly! One of them is definitely recognisable as he has been in MediaCorp for quite awhile. One of my photographers on FB told me his name is 黄玉青, no idea if that is really his name LOL but this is his him!

Recognisable eh! He's super friendly, even waved goodbye to us after filming when he bumped into us again at a coffee shop opposite filming location!

So we waited about 2~3 hours doing NOTHING. Bored to tears. Played endless rounds of candy crush and Cut the Rope. To make things worse, we were made to sit in different rooms so we couldn't talk, only whatsapped. We both haven't eaten anything and were sooooo damn hungry, AND WE WERE IN A RESTAURANT. Only can look at pictures of food sighhhhh.

My role was to act as a customer looking irritated by what the main cast were doing. When it was finally time for filming, I just sat there, pretend to eat and look irritated when cue is given. I WAS SO HUNGRY but the food only can PRETEND to eat. WAH THE TORTURE. Filmed for around 20mins or less and we were done!

Went the opposite coffee shop to eat right after with Esther and another full-time extra and went our separate ways after.

2nd filming experience

The second filming experience was for an coming local action movie called Re:solve. Anqi (also known as Mihori or Angie WAH SO MANY NAMES) introduced this opportunity to me! NEVER GET TO TAKE PHOTOS WITH THE ACTORS. Was so damn hungry after filming ( AGAIN LOL) that I forgotten to ask them for photos ahhhh :(

We met up with the rest of the extras at harbourfront cruise centre area. WE THOUGHT FILMING ON A CRUISE LEH, WE WERE ALL SO EXCITED. End up chey, just using a big outdoor area inside only LOL. Maybe because they needed to see the sea? Okay lah, not that bad cause there were 4 or 5 super expensive cars on scene *o* I will not be posting any photos of the scene or talk about the plot as I don't want to spoil you guys for the movie!

We were all asked to dress formal. Waited for HOURS again as usual before filming. Made to stand super long in heels as we needed to do rehearsing before the actual filming. There were a few different scenes (around 4 or 5?), some of them only did one or two scenes BUT I DID ALL. Oh my god the pain of walking around and standing around in heels from 10pm to over 2am with minimal rest plus hunger pangs was so exhausting. The bad side of being an extra is that the camera's focus is not on you! At the end of the day, you might not be able to be seen at all. But to me, it's still a very worthy experience! And the difference of being the lead actors and the extras is not only about who's in the limelight, but also who gets offered chairs to sit and food to eat... T_T

Some photos taken that night!

With Anqi and Lydia!

With some of the other extras! ^^ Lydia was made to change her dress and the crew provided her with this beautiful long gown! Anqi too changed to one of their cute dresses!

Went to have supper after filming with Anqi and another friend of hers which was also acting as an extra!

In conclusion, filming as an extra is definitely NOT easy. You don't get food, paid very little and have to endure long hours of waiting and filming. But I believe having all these experiences as a freelance model will lead to something better and perhaps more opportunities in the future!

I have quit (is it quit or quitted??) my job at HTC. LOL yeah I know, it's only been less than a month. No, they didn't ill treat me but rather I was unhappy with the arrangement of things and the non-stop delaying and lack of stocks. It was VERY difficult for me to get commission. No, not because I suck (I TOPPED SALES FOR MY FIRST IT FAIR OK I DON'T SUCK :( ) it's because there was NO CROWD at most outlets I've been at!! Wanted to wait till the launch of the latest sexy HTC One before quitting but I couldn't stand it anymore, oh well. If you read my previous update about why I withdrew from poly you would know that I am saving up money for school next year, without good commission, there was no way I could save enough money in a year. SOOO, I GOT A NEW JOB. Yes I found a new job within 2 weeks! Yayyyyy! I will be starting work this coming Monday! I will be working under Workforce Development Agency (WDA) as a Customer Service Officer in a call centre! Hopefully everything will go well! ^^

So I shall abruptly end my blogpost for today here. Do check back for more updates on things like my runway show, being a St Ives ambassador and lingerie shoots! Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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