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First Runway show + updates!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 @ 5:08 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

*I am truly sorry for the lack of updates due to very busy schedules, will try to catch up on my updates as fast as I can!*

How do you like my new blog banner! My favourite photo taken by Yasu Goh Photography~! Some updates on my current life. I bought a groupon voucher for keratin hair straightening a few weeks back. And also got a paid hair dye trial assignment (basically I get paid to dye my hair, how awesome is that). THIS IS HOW MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE NOW (for those who aren't on my facebook).

BEFORE. Frizzy, dull, uneven hair dye, extremely dry. On most days, this is how my hair used to be like.

AFTER STRAIGHTENING. Hair looks much healthier than before, much more smooth and manageable!

AFTER DYEING. Didn't change hair color. Was told I was supposed to bleach before I they examined my hair closer and realize my hair wasn't suitable for bleaching (as it has been through a horrible cheap perm and cheap dye job that made my hair really brittle). So kinda just dyed the same color and evened out the previous bad dye jobs! Hair is awesome now, loving it very much! Also because I'm using a new treatment (Asience) recommended by a photographer, Barry, when I went for casting as he told me this works miracles on my hair condition. Highly recommended!! Less than $30 a bottle!

 Did my first night shoot in late March that I forgot to mention about too.

Credits to Kenneth by Resolution Image! He's a really nice and patient photographer! Night shoot was a first for both Kenneth and I but I'm glad the results are great! New models who are looking for photographers to build portfolio, don't hesitate to contact Kenneth! :D

Also did my first uniform themed organised group shoot with MamboStevie PhotoShoots Club! (He's looking for fresh faces, if you feel that you have what it takes, don't hesitate to contact him too!). Some of my favourite photos:

Photos credit to Jieyi Photography (Wong Jieyi)

Photo credit to John Ng Photography

Photo credit to Jason Ng.

Had a golf mess event with the Miss World contestants in collaboration with the World Gourmet Submit and a short meet up to discuss the exciting new line up they have in store for us! Can't wait to be able to share them with you guys!

World Gourmet Submit golf mess event.

Meet up with some of the beautiful contestants. <3

Also did my very first Television Commercial shoot with Starhub!

With the pretty babes Rachel and Kulvin!

Playing around with the props!

Finally got to meet up with my bestfriends of 5years and counting~ <3
Had dinner at Astons, talked quite a bit and played Dance Central & Raving Rabbids at St. Games @ Cathay!

With Abram and Rachel <3 (KARAOKE SOON, DON'T YOU GUYS FORGET IT).

Also filmed for Channel 5's upcoming new police show, Mata Mata!

I play a role of a strumpet in the 50's. Don't be fooled by this seemingly decent outfit, I don't wear that outerwear during filming, only the white silky nightgown. Have a close-up scene! First time acting a role with lines, not an extra. Excited to see the results on TV already! Haha :P

Some of the actors I filmed with! I didn't manage to take a photo with them so I reused one of the extra's photo and stamped my face over hers HAHAHA sorry :X

Did my first fragrance sampling event last weekend for Ivoire, Balmain! NEVER had my legs ached that badly in my life. Stood more than 12hours in total IN HEELS within that weekend, bearing in mind that it's an OUTDOOR event. Perspiring under the sun, standing hours in heels... It's really not as glamorous as it looks. Had fun nonetheless! Love event jobs as I get to meet new people and make new friends from the same industry! Never a bad thing to widen your social circle!

With Selina! <3

Last of my recent update is an extremely good news... (for me at least). Some of you loyal readers might be confused, why do I have so much free time to do events and shoots despite my full time job? Well, I've stopped working full-time... Only because I AM STARTING SCHOOL AGAIN SOON! YAYYYY! Managed to (with the help of a friend ;) ) convince my mum to pay for my private diploma in Counselling in Kaplan!! Will be starting a 2 months foundation module starting this month, 21st May!! YIPPEEE, SO EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. Will have A maths in the foundation module though. Quite a scary thought because I haven't touched formula math for more than a year... Math has always been one of my weakest subjects, after not touching math for a year (apart from counting money), I can't imagine how difficult it'll be to catch up. Talked to a friend recently and told him 17 - 13 = 2. -_- God bless me.

Moving on to the next topic! My first ever runway show!

My first runway show was done for Mode Singapore attires! They have some really awesome costumes on their page, perfect for themed parties or photoshoots! Party lovers, photographers and models, be sure to check out Mode Singapore! The 10 models gathered at The Arena @ Clarke Quay by around 6.30pm and rehearsed for the show. Everything had to be practiced and perfected on that night itself before the club opened so everything was quite rushed. Glad the runway was a success in the end!

Here are some other girls and I rehearsing on the finishing "A" (which stands for The Alliance) sign we have to put up at the end of the show. I KNOW LA we look super unglam and and tired, it's because this was before we did our hair and makeup!! I was wearing Ashley's cardigan as it was so damn cold I was literally shivering. So sweet of her to have lent it to me, but she ended up freezing cold too so I let her wear it back again anyway LOL. It was cold till the extent that there was mist coming out of our mouths as we spoke. You know, the mist that only comes out of your mouth when you talk in winter countries or snow city?? It was THAT bad. Kathy and I were shivering the rest of the night. The temperature didn't even drop when the whole place was packed -_-

After the rehearsals, we had a break while waiting for each other's makeup to be done. After we were all done with our hair and makeup, we changed into our first set of outfit.

This is my first set of outfit! Felt quite special as I was the only one in a full suit hehe. It's supposedly a cat-woman costume (without the cat ears).

Had an hour break before changing into our second outfit!

It's a corset paired with leggings, elbow-length gloves and red angel wings! There were only two models, Ashley and I with red angel wings! :D

Strutting the runway! Photos taken by my sweetie boyfriend that came down to support me. <3
Posing for the camera~

Had a photo-taking session after!

With all the models that night!

It was definitely good to experience how it feels like cat-walking infront of flashing cameras in a packed club. I would say that I am extremely fortunate to have experienced all these, runway shows, TVCs, pageants, filming, etc. in less than a year of modelling. Very grateful to everyone who have helped me and encouraged me. Also thankful to bullies I used to know and any haters I might have right now, thank you for making me a stronger person. ^^

Will blog about my lingerie shoots and St Ives post (which I have been guilty of delaying for a VERY long time...) as soon as possible! In the mean time, photographers, if you are reading this, SUPPORT MY LINGERIE SHOOT THIS WEEKEND!

Hope there'll be enough photographers on that day for this shoot to commence smoothly!

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading! :D

Signing off,

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