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Hi everyone!

I'm sorry for not blogging for so long! (It's been a month since my last update). I've started a full time job and do shoots/events on weekends so there really isn't much spare time to blog, but I try my best!

I've been saying I'd blog about my decision to withdraw from my Interior Design course in Singapore Polytechnic for the longest time, for those who want to know, here's the full reason:

Interior Design SP was actually my third choice out of the courses I applied for. Many people ask, if you don't like design, why put it as the top few choices? Well, everybody makes mistakes sometimes and that's one of the many mistakes I've made. I used to think that design is something that can be easily understood, just like any other subjects in secondary school; drawing skills can be taught, just like learning a new subject. I thought, as long as I had that bit of interest, everything will fall perfectly into place. My favourite part was knowing that there are none of my weakest subjects in Secondary School (Math and Science) involved and that there wasn't any exams that I had to study for. Since my exam results couldn't get into the course I had always wanted (Psychology) and I wasn't interested in anything else, I thought design would be the best decision. I couldn't be more wrong.

I've made a huge mistake

To me, design school was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Assignments after assignments, submissions after submissions, deadlines after deadlines. The epitome of hell. The very first week I stepped into design school I've regretted my decision. I haven't remembered a day I could get a good night sleep. Apart from looking forward to meet my friends in school, I hated everything else. Drawings, wire sculpting, presentations, journals, models, etc., felt like everything was out to test my physical limitations. I remember rushing overnight countless times, sometimes even two nights in a row. Every single time I stayed up, it felt like death. It was only the Common Foundation period. Friends and classmates encouraged me to persevere, to endure through to Semester 2 where things related to Interior Design would finally be taught. That's what I did.

If there was one thing I didn't regret staying on till Semester 2 was that it allowed me to bond with some of my interior design classmates, especially Jinyu and Darren ^^ very happy I made friends that will still bother to contact and meet me after leaving school without me initiating. But I hated everything else. Drawing was not something that can be taught without talent. Design isn't something anyone can do well in. To me, without talent or passion, there is no way anybody can excel in it. I tried my best for my projects but no matter how hard I tried, things didn't improve. Got so tired from the extra effort I had to put in to make up for the lack of talent, kept falling asleep in class and being late for classes, got accused by lecturers for not putting in enough effort when I already tried so hard. Felt like I was wasting time and have wasted enough time, which is why I eventually gave up. :/

For now, my plan is to work full time for a year and save up to study Psychology, something I wanted to study for a very long time. My family doesn't support my decision which is why I'm working to save up money! I've considered long and hard for this and it's one of the biggest decisions I've ever made, really hope I am able to go through this without family support. Glad to receive a lot of support from other people though! Even got long messages from a few random people I don't know well on facebook telling me their experiences and point of views. Thank you guys. <3 With support from friends and boyfriend, I'm contented enough already. ^^

Some updates of what I've been doing:

- I now work as a mobile promoter for HTC, different outlets every week so don't ask me where I work cause there's no fixed outlet.

- I am a proud St. Ives ambassador!!

- I did my first ever runway show!!

- Filmed as extras for two shows, one for a show that will be on xinmsn called "Let's Art" and another in a movie called "Re:solved". Both very very small roles but I hope these experiences can lead to something bigger! ^^

- Decided that I should start going into lingerie shoots to build up my port so I can start trying out things like lingerie runway shows, lingerie adverts, FHM, etc in the future! Lingerie shoots are like bikini shoots but indoors so I will NEVER do one to one shoots with any photographers, if any photographers are keen for any indoor shoots, they have to be okay for my boyfriend to be around too. :) Stay tuned for further updates! ^^

That's all for today's update! Will try to find time to elaborate on the points I've mentioned above. Do check back for updates! Xoxo.

Signing off,

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