Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Le Spa

Hi guys!

I've finally finished my third semester exams last Friday!! Instead of having a break the weekend after, I worked an event and ended up having bad body aches everywhere :(

I decided to head down to Le Spa to relieve these body aches! Note that this is not a sponsored post, just thought of sharing this great place to get a massage as it was genuinely the best massage parlour I've ever visited!!

While on the way to Le Spa. It is located in the CBD area, only a less than 15 minutes car ride from my place hehe.

A young, pretty receptionist greeted me at the counter and led me in to this place where I changed into their slippers and soaked my feet in warm water to relax before massage. ^^

(Photo credit to Le Spa's Facebook page)

First impression of the place was that it looked really high class! I could tell that their put in a lot of effort on the design and ambiance of  the place.

A female masseur then led me to another room where I changed and had my massage.

(Photo credit to Le Spa's Facebook page)

I do massage regularly at Chinatown where the masseurs were mostly males, I have really really tough shoulders and my experience with female masseurs always were always disappointing, as though they were tickling my back. But at Le Spa, I was pleasantly surprised at the skill and strength of my masseur!! I could tell she was only using a fraction of her strength on me, and the strength was consistent throughout the entire session! Love how she was amiable as well, making the overall experience really enjoyable! (The masseur's name is Eva)

Hate it when noisy customers/masseurs start chatting amongst themselves so I particularly love how each customer gets an individual room where there's proper privacy, allowing customers to fully relax and immerse in the massage.

I chatted with the receptionist after the session and asked if Eva was one of the best masseurs, she replied telling me there are many better and more experienced masseur's! Le Spa has a strict criteria when it comes to choosing their masseurs, making sure they have the best masseurs!!

The best part is, Le Spa is open 24 hours!!
You can call and book an appointment at any time of day as long as they have a slot!

They are now having an offer of only $38 for a 45minutes massage!!

Le Spa is located at:

14 Gemmill Lane, along Club Street.

Call them at 6222 6803 now to book an appointment!!

That's all for today's update, thanks for reading!

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