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September updates

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 @ 12:00 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hello everyone!

Today I'll be blogging about random things I did in September!

I celebrated my grandma's birthday! She is born on the same day and year as my mum's bestfriend's mum, so we celebrate their birthdays together every year! Every year we each at different Chinese restaurants around Singapore and eat about the same types of food every Mother's Day, birthday, Chinese New Year, etc. celebrations so now I really don't take note of the restaurants we visit anymore. :P

Grandma and I!

Family <3

Some of my girlfriends and I celebrated my closest sister's (Anqi) birthday!

I planned to give her a surprise by going Fish & Co. at Bugis and told her only two of us were celebrating together so the rest can be "surprise guests" and made it seem like a normal dinner. But the plan failed terribly -_-
All the guests I invited were all approximately 30mins ~ 3hours late!! So I had no choice to tell her I invited other people as well. (We were sitting at a 6-seater table) And she guessed who were all the invited guests before they even arrived!! At Fish & Co. outlets, staffs would make the birthday girl stand on a chair and do a "Fish & Co. birthday cheer" followed by a birthday song. I wanted that to be a surprise too but apparently her friend told her about it when she told that friend she was going Fish & Co. for the birthday dinner. T_________T

But I'm glad she enjoyed herself anyway!! <3 Had a great time chilling over dinner with the girls. ^^

Anqi standing on the chair with a soft toy octopus hat while the staffs at Fish & Co. light up a sparkler and did their birthday cheer + birthday song!

Hope your dreams come true girl <3

Group photos with the girls! The pictures are all blur as the staffs don't have steady hands >:(

On one of the weekend dates I have with my boyfriend, we tried to share this Monster Cup bubble tea at Artease Orchard Cineleisure! Do not attempt to try this with 2 people!! It's impossible to finish. x.x

Look at the size of that cup in comparison to my face!! Biggest glass of bubble tea I've ever seen in my life so far.

In comparison with my Raynor's hands!!

I did a Mid-Autumn Festival event at Joo Chiat Community Centre as Chang Er!

The outfit was soo suffocating and the head accessory was so heavy I had a really difficult time balancing it! Although the costume was hard to handle, I had so much fun working at the event! I went around taking photos with people, gave out prizes from lucky draw on stage, and went around the Community Centre carrying lanterns with little children! Their parents were all like "see chang er jie jie? Pretty anot?" and their kids will be all shy and cute aww!!

A little boy walked up to me and gave me this flower! Kids are soo cute!!

Yasu, a photographer friend, went down to support me and take photos of the event! Thank you so much Yasu!

This was the outfit I was in that day! Taken and edited by Yasu Goh Photography "中秋节快乐" put in by me. :P

Also, I've mentioned that I've filmed for a Channel 5 police show "Mata Mata" in this post. The episode I was in was finally aired on 16th September!!

Here's the snippet of the part I was in! It's my very first time acting a role with lines and I was really nervous throughout! I didn't cast for this role, my agent told me that I was going to be an extra "just stand there open and close the curtains can already", when I reached there they told me what I was supposed to do and I was so not ready for it! I thought the outcome looked OK though. Hope more of such opportunities would come my way!!

Had my very first mess camp event this month as well! At the Sembawang Airbase! Never knew mess camp events were so fun! There was karaoke and endless amount of booze! What is "mess camp"? From what I experienced, it's basically it's a place where army people drink beer and chill on event days! Looks like a small bar, fully air-conditioned. Models are there to serve beer to the guests and mingle around; non-sleazy and lots of fun! Looking forward to other mess events!

Janice, Geraldine and I!

Worked for a F1 party at High Street Centre, P Club! But it was really busy so I didn't manage to snap any pictures during the event. :(

Week before last Wednesday (25th September), I went for a fight 360 ring girl audition!

and... I got in!! YAY!!

I'm officially the top 20 ring girls running for the contest! Contest will end on the 9th December. The girls would be appearing at fight 360 every last Saturday of the month and also every Tuesdays and Thursdays for sponsored Muay Thai and boxing lessons!! Check out our training photos and videos on their page! I would need you guys' help to "like" my photo on their page when the voting starts! It haven't started yet, but I would let you guys know when it does!!

Credits to Ashley for this photo!! Thanks babe!

I think I look like a pig from this angle but I like the second photo anyway!! Looks like I have abs! :P

Training for Muay Thai and boxing for someone as unfit as me is really tough!! I haven't been exercising for years and only recently started to run and swim a bit on random weekends. I'm a really person that would prefer lying in bed over exercising any day! Hope all these training would get my muscles toned and up my stamina! Hooray for a sexier, healthier body!!

Went on 2 very special dates with Raynor on the 27th and 29th September as he was going to go Australia for outfield for 23 days starting from 4th October... Longest we're going to be apart from each other, and he told me it was a dessert area!! No WiFi, just a laggy cabled internet connection and he's hardly able to make calls... So we decided to make the last weekend together more special compared to our average weekend dates! Would be blogging about this in another post though~ So remember to check back for updates!!

Sent my boyf off at the airport on the 4th October.


He gave me this box of little gifts at the airport. He planned and did all these without even me suspecting a single thing. Didn't even know when did he went to shop for all these!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world being his girlfriend... It may not be the most expensive gift, but it is definitely the sweetest gift I've ever received in my life :') I love my boy Raynor Chia. Will wait patiently for him to be back and will be looking forward and treasuring every text/call/email I get from him. (Thank you so much bby, I love you!! <3)

I will also be collaborating with new sponsors! Do look forward to seeing some exciting reviews this month!

That is all for today's blog post! Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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