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Hello everyone!

I mentioned about having exciting reviews this month on my previous post, and this is one of them!! is my new beauty products sponsor! (Their products have been featured on various magazines such as U-Weekly and GLOW Watsons!!)

Some people have complimented me saying that I have good skin and asked what beauty products I'm using. I am in fact a really lazy person and really cannot be bothered with any skincare routines apart from the basics such as washing my face in the morning & night and putting moisturizer before makeup.

But recently, I've been really busy juggling school/work/events/family/friends/relationship that I consider myself lucky to even squeeze in 6hours of sleep that day! Because of that, my skin has been looking dull and I get very puffy eyes especially when I don't get enough sleep. :(

So for today's post, I will be reviewing two masks - one from LoveMore and another from Sexy Look! Both targeted to get rid of dullness of skin and puffy eyes!!

I am going to show you the before & after effects of using these masks for the first time, and also what's good and bad about them.

The masks are nicely bubble wrapped to prevent any damages to the masks while sending over!

Contents inside the bubble wrap~

The two masks I am reviewing today is Collagen Eye Firming Patch from LoveMore and Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening mask from Sexy Look!


LoveMore is one the the best-selling mask brands in Taiwan!

First up, the Collagen Eye Firming Patch.

How the masks look like inside...

There are 5 masks inside each box!

You don't have to worry about not knowing how to use this mask as there are directions on how to use it on the back of the mask's packaging ^^

(You can click the photo to enlarge!)

(No make up on at all for this blog post... Might just be the ugliest blog post thus far LOL! Just a heads up :x)

My face without ANY makeup on. Super dull skin... Puffy eyes...

Super puffy eyes :(

Omg just look at that horror!!

As you can tell, this mask is very different from the usual kidney-shaped masks we normally use.

For example:

(Image grabbed from Google)

The mask up close.

The Collagen Eye Firming Patch is really thin and breathable!! What I like most about this mask is that...

There are ear hooks!!!

These ear hooks allow the mask the adhere more closely to your skin as well as hold the mask in place while you do your things such as surfing the net, reading a book, doing chores, etc.

There's also an Ultra-DuoLifting effect that comes along with those ear hooks!

And the results...

Eyes after the mask usage~ Apart from the dark eye circles, the eye bags are almost completely gone!! O.O

A before-after image to compare~

This mask also contains marine collagen and green coffee extract.

There are many perks of having collagen in your mask!

Collagen helps to:
  1. Hydrate and nourish your skin
  2. Slow down collagen depletion
  3. Fight signs of ageing
  4. Relieve stress

With the green coffee extract, you can even use the mask when you are feeling a tired for a little perk-me-up!

Basically this mask helps you relive stress, keeps you looking youthful, keeps you alert AND gets rid of eye bags!! How awesome is that?


  • I love the design of this mask!! The ear hooks just makes it so much more convenient. I don't like having to lie in bed and use my masks, when I do, I tend to oversleep till a few hours later. (Masks packagings always state to leave it on for maximum 20 minutes, God knows what will happen if I keep falling asleep with them on for so long?!)
  • Other eye masks I've used are so thick and heavy. I find it really troublesome that when I sit up, it'll fall off straightaway. Collagen Eye Firming Patch stays put even if you're doing push-ups!!
  • The "essence" from the masks I've used previously are always dripping all over before I let it get absorbed into my face. Whereas for the Collagen Eye Firming Patch, even though it is very thin, it is highly absorbent! The "essence" doesn't drip at all even when sitting upright!
  • There's a tingling sensation when I'm using it! I like that tingling/burning sensation as it tells me that this product WORKS and it's burning away (not literally) all the puffiness!!! WHOO!
The BAD:

  • The mask has a one-size-fits-all kind of design, and it's pretty tight on my face. It is not uncomfortable but it doesn't fit nicely around my nose area. (But it doesn't really matter because the mask isn't targeting the skin around my nose.)
  • It may not fit people with big/chubby faces as the ear hooks may stretch the mask too much.
Apart from the  Collagen Eye Firming Patch there are other masks from this series. The Platinum Eye Whitening Patch for getting rid of dark eye circles, and Snail Mucin Repairing Patch for getting rid of wrinkles around your eyes!

Sexy Look

Sexy Look masks are Taiwan's no. 1 selling 3D mask!

The next mask I will be reviewing is the Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening face mask.

There are directions on how to use this mask on the box as well!

Inside the box...

Now to try the mask~

I am really surprised that the mask actually came with TWO pairs of ear hooks!!
I knew that there would be ear hooks but I didn't know it included ear hooks for the chin/neck area!

The face masks I've used so far does not come with ear hooks and does not cover the chin/neck area like the Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening face mask. Some of us neglect that area when washing our face but with this baby, you can be sure that all areas are taken care of!

A close-up. You can tell that it adheres very closely to your skin!

And the results...

Brighter and a lot more moisturized skin!

A before-after comparison.

Notice that my skin is a lot brighter/fairer after?

Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening face mask not only moisturizes, it is infused with natural whitening from pure ocean pearl to help brighten up skin tone! There's also peppermint extract which helps to soothe while red algae helps to detoxify your skin!

In short, the Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening face mask promises to:

  • Brighten your skin tone (less dull)
  • Calm your skin
  • Detoxify
  • Moisturize

From what I can tell, it definitely brightens up my skin a lot, making it look less dull and more radiant!

The material of the mask is also highly stretchable. The design of the mask with 2 ear hooks also aids in better essence absorption!


  • Also, the same as the Collagen Eye Firming Patch, I LOVE THE DESIGN! I especially like how there are TWO hooks instead of just one! It makes the mask so unbelievably skin adhering, you have no problems doing other things instead of just lying in bed! Of course, it's best to enjoy a masking session while resting, the ear hooks helps to keep the mask in place so it wouldn't fall off even if you sit up.
  • I LOVE THE SMELL OF THE MASK! I don't even know what smell is that but it smells really sweet. I couldn't bear to wash the smell off my hands~
The BAD:

  • The holes of the ear hooks for the neck/chin area are a bit small so it folds my ears a little, but it isn't a big issue.
  • The masks's nose area barely covers half of my nose which makes my nose look huge >:(
  • People with chubby face, especially those with fat double chins, may not feel comfortable with the ear hooks.

Apart from the Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening face mask, there are also other masks from this series such as the Organic Aloe Power Soothing for soothing and moisturizing, Escargot Extract Intense Healing for healing and repairing, and Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating for hydrating and anti-wrinkle.

"Where I can find these masks?!"

You can get these masks at, the sole distributor of LoveMore and Sexy Look masks in Singapore and Malaysia.

You can get LoveMore eye masks at only $2.90/piece and $11.90/box of 5 pieces. (Buying a box is $2.60 cheaper than 5 seperate single pieces.)

Sexy Look masks are $3.90/piece and $15.90/box of 5 pieces. (Buying a box is $3.60 cheaper than 5 separate single pieces.)

For more information, visit these sites:

That's all for today's review! Thanks for reading! <3

Signing off,

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