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Recent bikini photoshoots! (Part 2)

Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 4:31 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

Back again to update about my bikini photoshoots as promised! Continuing from part 1, I said that I had my first group photoshoot after the test shoot with MamboStevie and Kah Wai! It was my very first mass shoot and I can't say I did a good job.. :/

There were 4 models so photographers were separated into 4 groups so each photographer has a fair chance to shoot each model and vice versa. For the first group, as I just arrived, I was energetic and ready to give my best. But for subsequent groups, I got tired really soon and by the last group of photographers, I was already extremely tired of posing and smiling. Some photographers wanted me to smile and some others didn't. I felt quite stressed by all the different demands from different photographers. :( It was the first time I had so many cameras aiming at me at the same time, had to focus on so many lenses. I didn't know what to expect before the shoot so I wasn't prepared for any of that at all... Could sense unhappiness with the last group of photographers as I was so tired and I think it was pretty obvious. I couldn't think of any other expressions to do and the photographers did not guide me much in my expressions and poses.

I learnt a lot through this group shoot, I learnt that I have to improve on my expressions and not just give a sweet smile all the time, to learn more poses, to converse more, etc. There's still a lot more in modeling that I haven't learnt but I will try my best to learn everything in the shortest time! I also learnt that I will not be able please everyone. There will definitely be some photographers that took great photos and a couple of photographers that couldn't take ANY nice photos at all. For me, as long as I know I did my best and didn't let myself down, that's enough :) I may not be one of the most wanted model for group shoots as of now but I will keep improving! I hope there'll be a chance for another mass shoot and I PROMISE it would be so much better than this!

A few photos taken from that day:

I like this photo because my legs look really slim HAHA awesome camera angle :P

This is a candid photo, that was how tired I looked that day. :(

All these photos (except the first one) was all taken by the last group of photographers. Photographers from the first 3 groups didn't upload the photos on Facebook so pardon me if I don't look that good in the photos, these are the best few shots I grabbed already :(

I had another bikini shoot with Jack (Bullseye 写真摄影) and VJ (Cheerupphotography) on the 4th of February! As there were only 2 photographers, it was a lot easier to handle with their requests on poses and expressions! Had fun shooting with them and they even gave me a lollipop haha :P Jack and VJ's pages are both new so do support and click on their fb page links and give it a thumbs up if you like what you see! :D

These are some of the photos taken that day:

This is my favourite photo taken by Jack! Had a hard time climbing on to that for that pose but I guess it was worth it! ^^

By Jack! Hehe my lollipop~ More photos on his page! Go check them out! ;)

Had to get dirty and lie in the sand again~ Thankfully this time the sand's soft, quite comfortable lying there LOL.

These are taken by VJ!

And these are the bikini photoshoot I have so far! Will blog about my decision on withdrawing from Singapore Polytechnic and my other photoshoots that I have not blogged about as soon as possible!

By the way, have you heard? Zirca is officially closing its doors this Saturday, 23rd February 2013! Had amazing memories there, be it good or bad, I will definitely miss that place. I will be there this Saturday to party at Zirca one last time! Do say hi if you're there! :D

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading! <3

Signing off,

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