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5 Reasons Why Being Gay/Lesbian Is Wrong

Thursday, July 3, 2014 @ 4:53 AM | 0 Comment [s]

5 Reasons Why Being Gay/Lesbian Is Wrong

1. It is not natural

Being gay/lesbian is totally unnatural, humans are not meant to be this way! If the whole world is made up of gays/lesbians, human existence would have ended long ago. No one should accept unnatural things, like plastic surgery, make-up, tattoos, piercings, hair dye etc.

2. Straight people will get influenced

Seeing gay/lesbian people being accepted as a norm will make other straight people gay/lesbian too! Just like how short people hanging around tall people will make them tall, and how a bunch of yellow flowers will turn a red flower yellow.

3. Gays/lesbians can't have kids

Because the rest of the world can't reproduce as long as gay/lesbian people exist! DUH!!!

4. Gays/lesbians will obviously raise gay/lesbian kids

Because straight parents raise straight children, gays/lesbians will raise gay/lesbian kids!! It's the law of nature.

5. Gays/lesbians are evil

Studies have shown that gay/lesbian people are 100% more likely to show violent tendencies. They have also been seen having devil-like horns on their heads, especially on 31st October.

... Okay if you still can't tell, this is my attempt in creating a satire with typical homophobic remarks.

K lah, all jokes aside, accepting the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community is something I feel very strongly about and I feel that people should get educated with some facts about LGBTs.

Misconceptions About LGBTs

1. Being LGBT is not natural

It is perfectly natural, homosexuals have been around since a looong time ago. More and more scientists have research findings that being homosexual is largely genetic/biologically determined just like this article and this article, nothing to do with environmental influences. No one can turn gay after watching gays on TV, no one can be influenced to turn gay after hanging around gay friends. They are born this way.

If your argument is that sex is solely for reproduction and because homosexuals cannot reproduce which is why it isn't "natural", then isn't masturbation and oral sex unnatural too? Then you don't masturbate lor...

(Fun fact: Singapore government only legalised oral sex in 2007.)

2. LGBTs can choose to be straight

LGBTs do not CHOOSE to be the way they are, they are born like that. Some may realise at a later point in their lives but no one can "choose" their sexual orientation. Telling them to "just be straight" is like telling heterosexuals to "just be gay" - it doesn't make sense.

And no, hanging around straight people wouldn't "cure them" from being homosexual.

3. LGBTs are encouraging others to be like them

They are not encouraging anything like that at all!!! All they are doing fighting for their freedom to love whoever they want to love, just like all heterosexuals. Legalising same-sex marriages will not change anyone!! Even if same-sex marriages are not legalised, they are still gonna continue being who they are. Gays wouldn't marry girls just because the law forbids them from marrying guys. Gay marriages being illegal doesn't make any sense to me. We are all humans, who gave anyone the rights to deprive others from the basic rights to love whoever they want to?

4. LGBTs can't have kids so there's no point in marrying

Haven't you heard of sperm donors? Surrogacy, In vitro fertilisation and adoption are all ways gay couples can have kids of their own. Would you deprive an old heterosexual couple past child-bearing age of marriage? If not, why deprive LGBT couples?

5. Homosexuality is a type of disorder

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association already removed homosexuality as a type of mental disorder. So homosexuality is NOT a type of disorder. However, HOMOPHOBIA, on the other hand, is a psychological disorder.
"Homophobia is a psychological disorder characterised by an unnatural fear, dislike, or aversion to homosexuals."
Yep. So all you homophobes out there, go seek help. Go Google "Homophobia cure" or something.

6. Homosexuals are wrong because God says so

...I really don't want to talk about any religion issues here. I do not have enough knowledge to debate over scriptures and what not, but if you have some time, Christians can take a look at these article here, here, and here.

And I hope all those with religion do not shun the LGBT community just because they "go against the wishes of God". I hope after reading my blog post, you'd now know that they did not choose their sexual orientation, but they are born they way they are and should not be treated any differently. We are all humans no matter our sexual preferences. What's the point of doing things like wearing white during pink dot apart from churning more animosity between each other? If you can't accept it, just leave them be.


I really hope more people are willing to be accept the LGBT community for who they are and not treat them as an abomination. I wish people would embrace them instead of "tolerating" them and that conservative parents wouldn't disown their children over what is perfectly normal.

That's all for today's blog post. Thanks for reading! Do leave any comments in my comment box at the top of the post right below the title.

Signing off,

Review: Eyelash Extension by Beauty Recipe

Sunday, May 18, 2014 @ 11:59 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

I tried out eyelash extensions for the first time done by Beauty Recipe last month!

Beauty Recipe is a one-stop salon that deals with Beauty, Nail, Lashes, Brow and Waxing Services all in one place. It's so convenient! I will only be focusing on their eyelash extension services today.

I have not tried other lash extensions prior to this because I heard a horror story from a friend who went through some terrible lash extension accident and had to go for surgery O.O but I decided not to have one freak accident stop me from trying out something new. My worries were all completely unfounded!

I had Jade from Beauty Recipe taking care of my lashes. I basically went over, fell asleep for over an hour, and woke up to beautiful eyes! Jade's skills are definitely top-notch and all their staff are really friendly! Not at all surprising for a shop who has just recently received the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Awards!

My complete bareface before the extensions. My lashes were already pretty long, but they droop downwards and having to clip them and put mascara everyday is really a waste of time and too much of a hassle, especially for people who are unfamiliar with makeup.

Left eye with extensions on, right eye without. So much curlier and voluminous! Really soft and natural-looking too, beats falsies and clumpy looking mascara any day.

Both eyes done with extensions!! It doesn't even look like I did anything to my lashes, as if I'm born with naturally long curly lashes LOL (I wish).

What is so different about the eyelash extensions from Beauty Recipe is that is is made out of human hair (no your eyes are not playing tricks on you). This is the reason why Beauty Recipe's eyelash extensions are so soft and natural!! Trust me when I say it feels like there's nothing done to my lashes at all, feels just like my real lashes!! Weightless, painless, and fuss-free~

Human hair eyelash extensions are also really lasting! It can last up to 2 months with proper maintenance (such as not deliberately rubbing your eyes too hard and not touching water the first 12 hours after you've just done the extensions). Because they are single-strand lash extensions, even if the lashes drop, they will not leave a ugly gaping hole unlike the cluster synthetic eyelash extensions which are commonly used.

Visit the boss of Beauty Recipe, Jessie's blog here to read more human hair eyelash extensions and the different types of eyelash extensions!

This is Jade!! Look for her if you're thinking of getting your eyelash extensions done ;)

Photos of the eyelash extensions with makeup on taken after a few days!

Jade even gave me with small little comb for me to comb my extensions :p

Do check out Beauty Recipe's Facebook page and like it for more updates on their promotions!

Beauty Recipe

  • Blk 104 Jurong East St 13 #01-102
  • Jurong, Singapore 600104 (Near Jurong East MRT)

Opening Hour : 
Monday - Friday (10am - 8pm) 
Saturday (10am - 9pm) 
Sunday (10am - 6pm)

Call them at 6567 3568 to book an appointment!

For more enquiries, email them at

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading! <3

Signing off,

    Converse CONS Project Singapore

    Saturday, April 19, 2014 @ 3:07 AM | 0 Comment [s]

    Hi everyone!!

    I attended a DJ workshop last Friday, organised by Converse for CONS Project Singapore at Aliwal Arts Centre. It was conducted byDJ KoFlow, a Singapore DMC Champion.

    CONS Project Singapore is a two-day initiative that engages the community with street art, DJ and skate insta-video workshops.

    Before this workshop, I did not know being a DJ was such a difficult job! Beat-matching, sampling, scratching, remixing etc., they were all terms I was familiar with but I never knew how they were done. Really happy to have gotten the opportunity to attend this workshop as I thought DJ KoFlow ran the workshop very well! He was really patient in teaching us the basics and with answering questions. He is also a fantastic DJ (duhhh, Singapore DMC champion hello) and wowed the audience with demonstrations of how he mix, scratch, beat match, etc. It was truly eye-opening.

    Converse also did a great job by decorating the venue really well and running the programs very smoothly!

    I asked my boyfriend to come along with me as usual and we were the first two to arrive!

    People who attend the workshop even got cool stickers!

    My cheapo $4 bugis street top automatically looks like some branded converse tops with the stickers LOL!
    I brought along a leopard print bag that I use very often and it is coincidentally from Converse as well!

    There was also an instant-print photobooth! How awesome is that??

    Boyf and I with our photo from the photobooth!

    It didn't take long for everyone else to arrive

    While waiting for the workshop to start~

    DJ KoFlow while conducting the workshop

    You can view more photos/Insta-videos of the event on Instagram by searching the hashtag #consprojectsg

    Participants of the workshop even got a chance to tryout DJ-ing for ourselves!

    This angmoh was a really funny guy, super buay paiseh to ask questions and acted as if he was a real DJ when trying out LOLOL!!

     I got to try the drum machine!! I was really shy and reluctant to go up at first but boyf kept nudging me up, I was soo nervous up there!! But it was quite fun and I'm glad to have gotten a chance to try it out ^^

    A photo taken with the other participants! Ignore my awkward pose please.

    Converse very kindly gave each blogger who attended the event a pair of converse sneaker each!

    The very first pair of "proper" sneaker I got since I left secondary school :x (My shoes are usually cheapo flats from rubi/Bugis/Far East Plaza or heels, the last time I wore sneakers was during Secondary school when Converse school shoes were the trend LOL)

    Because I love the sneakers soo much, I spammed photos of myself wearing them when trying them on at home :p

    Thank you Converse for organising this event and I hope that there will be more of such events in the future!

    That's all for today's post, thanks for reading!

    Signing off,

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