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Review: Eyelash Extension by Beauty Recipe

Sunday, May 18, 2014 @ 11:59 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

I tried out eyelash extensions for the first time done by Beauty Recipe last month!

Beauty Recipe is a one-stop salon that deals with Beauty, Nail, Lashes, Brow and Waxing Services all in one place. It's so convenient! I will only be focusing on their eyelash extension services today.

I have not tried other lash extensions prior to this because I heard a horror story from a friend who went through some terrible lash extension accident and had to go for surgery O.O but I decided not to have one freak accident stop me from trying out something new. My worries were all completely unfounded!

I had Jade from Beauty Recipe taking care of my lashes. I basically went over, fell asleep for over an hour, and woke up to beautiful eyes! Jade's skills are definitely top-notch and all their staff are really friendly! Not at all surprising for a shop who has just recently received the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Awards!

My complete bareface before the extensions. My lashes were already pretty long, but they droop downwards and having to clip them and put mascara everyday is really a waste of time and too much of a hassle, especially for people who are unfamiliar with makeup.

Left eye with extensions on, right eye without. So much curlier and voluminous! Really soft and natural-looking too, beats falsies and clumpy looking mascara any day.

Both eyes done with extensions!! It doesn't even look like I did anything to my lashes, as if I'm born with naturally long curly lashes LOL (I wish).

What is so different about the eyelash extensions from Beauty Recipe is that is is made out of human hair (no your eyes are not playing tricks on you). This is the reason why Beauty Recipe's eyelash extensions are so soft and natural!! Trust me when I say it feels like there's nothing done to my lashes at all, feels just like my real lashes!! Weightless, painless, and fuss-free~

Human hair eyelash extensions are also really lasting! It can last up to 2 months with proper maintenance (such as not deliberately rubbing your eyes too hard and not touching water the first 12 hours after you've just done the extensions). Because they are single-strand lash extensions, even if the lashes drop, they will not leave a ugly gaping hole unlike the cluster synthetic eyelash extensions which are commonly used.

Visit the boss of Beauty Recipe, Jessie's blog here to read more human hair eyelash extensions and the different types of eyelash extensions!

This is Jade!! Look for her if you're thinking of getting your eyelash extensions done ;)

Photos of the eyelash extensions with makeup on taken after a few days!

Jade even gave me with small little comb for me to comb my extensions :p

Do check out Beauty Recipe's Facebook page and like it for more updates on their promotions!

Beauty Recipe

  • Blk 104 Jurong East St 13 #01-102
  • Jurong, Singapore 600104 (Near Jurong East MRT)

Opening Hour : 
Monday - Friday (10am - 8pm) 
Saturday (10am - 9pm) 
Sunday (10am - 6pm)

Call them at 6567 3568 to book an appointment!

For more enquiries, email them at

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading! <3

Signing off,

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