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I'm back!

Friday, July 19, 2013 @ 5:40 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone! I'M BACK!

First of all, I AM SO SORRY I HAVE NEGLECTED THE BLOG FOR SO LONG!!! My last post on my personal life was like... on the 7th May. Checked my nuffnang and I lost a lot of readers I built up the past few months (T.T) guys come baack~

I started school and had a 2 months foundation module which was REALLY important because that determines whether I am allowed to take my diploma course in Kaplan or not! If I failed the foundation module I had to retake and pay another $1K+ school fees... So I was really busy studying my ass off to ace the foundation course! I didn't just want to pass, I wanted to ace everything to show my family and people who didn't believe in me that I quit Poly NOT because I couldn't make it, but was really to pursue my interest for Psychology. My exams ended on Wednesday (17 July) and results would be out on the 7th August. I really hope I did well enough to score those distinctions!

School life

Foundation is only for people who didn't hold an A-level certificate, to make sure we were prepared to handle diploma; it had nothing to do with the course we were going to. So my foundation course classmates and I are all heading different directions.. :( I had an awesome foundation class, full of fun-loving and friendly people. Even though it was awkward during the first few days of school as almost everyone didn't know each other, everyone made friends and bonded real quickly! To be honest, I used to think people going down the path of private institutions were people who can't be bothered with education and are forced by their parents to go to school. I've heard more bad compared to the good things about studying in private schools... But when I stepped into Kaplan on the first day of lesson, I WAS SO IMPRESSED. The lecturers spoke and taught so well!! And my classmates were already starting to take down notes and highlighting their textbooks on the first day of school O.O Class timetable and information was emailed to the students so efficiently!! And what I LOVE about private school is that there's no redundant modules unrelated to the courses! (such as GenED, Singapore Poly students will know what I mean...) I actually looked forward to going to school everyday because it was such a positive and conducive studying environment!! I LOVE CFS10A ^^ It was the official last day of lesson last Friday and I'm beginning to miss my classmates already. I hope everyone passes their exams with flying colours and that I still get to see them around campus!

P.s. Desi, Jason, Evelyn, Afiq, if you guys are reading my blog I hope we still meet up to catch up even though we're all heading different directions! You guys were my motivation to get my ass to school whenever I felt like skipping it. I feel so blessed that I'm able to be grouped with such hardworking and fantastic presenters and getting full marks for presentation! Love you guys so much, wish you guys all the best with diploma! <3


Boyfriend's 21st birthday

I've celebrated my boyfriend's 21st birthday late June!! First time I've done so much for someone for a birthday in my entire life. Glad he really enjoyed it! ^^

Went back to my piano teacher from almost 10 years back (LOL) to learn one song (Asher Book's Try) for his birthday~


Cake his cheer clique and I got for his late birthday celebration! (Could only celebrate on the weekends due to army, that's why we could only celebrate early/late.)

Raynor with his birthday cake, the figurine didn't manage to stay upright because I collected it 7hours before the celebration as the bakery closes early on weekends. :(

Raynor and his cheer clique!

Yup, cheerleaders alright LOL.

Withdrawing from Miss World

I withdrew Miss World due to school commitments. So sorry for disappointing those who were supporting me! Will you still support me if I joined other pageants? :(


I haven't been working much also because I was focusing on school. But I did an organised lingerie shoot with Enfocar Concept on 7th July! Here are some photos I've gotten so far~

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading! Xoxo.

Signing off,

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