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Rainie Yang's concert!

Saturday, January 26, 2013 @ 4:34 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

I attended Rainie Yang's concert 2 weeks ago on 12 January! It was my first Chinese concert and also the first concert I've attended with my boyfriend! I've loved Rainie Yang ever since her 暧昧 (ai mei) album! Came across someone selling off a pair of her concert tickets on Facebook at a discounted price! Hesitated in getting the tickets as I stopped following Chinese music for awhile and don't know any songs since her 仰望 album except "我们都傻" (LOVE that song and 海派甜心) but heck, we bought the tickets spontaneously and went anyway!

Us with our tickets before going in!

Camwhoring while waiting for the concert to start~

I've only been to 1 other concert in my life and that was to Maroon 5's concert back in 2008. Expected the same or at least similar atmosphere but omg no, I was so wrong. Apart from the audience seated all the way in front, everyone else at the back were so dead!! Using their handphones, talking amongst themselves, stoning... WHAT'S WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?! Did all these people pay to do nothing but sit there the entire concert?? If you're the old grandparents attending the concert I understand, but even the younger crowd around me were just sitting there! Even though I didn't know a lot of the songs sung during the concert I was clapping along, waving my hands in the air, singing along, screaming YANG CHEN LING WHOOOO etc. I'm sure others around me thought was a huge fan of Rainie but actually I didn't even know the song she was singing... Totally not used to such a boring crowd at a concert!! Raynor didn't know like 90% of the songs sung and was bored throughout :( lesson learnt not to spontaneously attend a concert ever again.

But then again I quite enjoyed the concert! Rainie's beautiful (although I prefer her with long hair), and a really professional artiste. Even though she was down with serious flu she still tried to perform her best. At a part of the concert she even hung herself upside-down to sing! She was half choking on her phlegm and tears and half trying to force herself to sing upside-down, respect.

看了都心疼 :(

She even went had her entire body underwater at the end of the concert just for the visual effects. Imagine having flu, running a fever, and dunking your entire body in cold water (I'm assuming the air-conditioning would make the water cold). Kept chanting to Raynor "omg she's crazy!!" the entire time she was in the water.

And she sung live the entire concert!! Zero lip-syncing, even when she's dancing she's singing live. I remember when I used to youtube her live singing videos a few year back when she was a new artiste and thought she couldn't really sing well live but she sung really well despite having serious flu! Really impressed by how much she improved.

Some photos from the concert:

Since the concert, I'm back to listening to Mandopop! Currently super addicted to Mandopop. I feel like covering a Chinese song for Valentine's Day! (I can't sing well in English... Not because of my articulation, I just can't. I think I sound a lot better singing Chinese.) Need ideas! Might not cover it at all in the end due to massive school and work load but I'll try! If I do cover it in the end I'll upload it here on my blog too :D  I don't have a fantastic voice but I just feel like covering a song for my boyfriend ^^  Anyone who has ideas for me can tweet me @jesslimcy or PM me on Facebook! Sorry my blogskin html have errors and doesn't allow commenting :( I'm no html expert, but I will try to fix it! Any comments feel free to tweet/fb/email me!

By the way, photographers, do support me and 3 other pretty girls for our Chinese New Year Cheongsam theme shoot this coming Sunday! :D

That's all for today's update! Sneak peak at my next blogpost about my photoshoots the last 2 weekends...

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend! <3

Signing off,

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