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X'mas 2012 & Countdown to 2013 Celebrations!

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Hi everyone!

So terribly guilty for not updating my blog for SO long. Have been busy up till New Year's and got diagnosed with tonsillitis the day after countdown. I was in a pretty bad condition and was given a 3 day medical leave from school and experienced on off fever, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and a very very painful throat throughout that 3 days. Was still having fever even yesterday when I went for my boyfriend's Passing Out Parade (POP, which I will blog about in a later date) and was really not in a good state to blog proper, hope everyone understands! :(  I updated my twitter the most often when I was sick as I couldn't instagram anything so follow my on my twitter and instagram at @jesslimcy for more updates! :)

I owe everyone many updates but I think the two most celebrated event should be blogged first and that is Christmas and Countdown!

Christmas 2012

As I was working on the eve of Christmas, I didn't party that day as I was quite tired after work. I worked at Al Qasr at Holland Village promoting Wolters Pilsener German beer together with a gorgeous babe, Del!

On Christmas itself, my sister along with another 3 friends and I went karaoke, supper at some China restaurant and hopped Thai discos!

Taken with bby while waiting for sis to get ready. <3

With sis.

First stop, we went to Ten Dollar Club located at Chinatown! Yes, it was $10 even on Public Holidays! You have to book in advance of course. I checked out other karaoke places such as K-box and Party World and they charged $30+ PER PERSON for TWO HOURS. That's insane for a mere two hours worth of karaoke. As for Ten Dollar Club, we only paid $10 (with GST around $12~?) with UNLIMITED soft drinks and honey water! They charge this cheap every single day, but you need a minimum of 4 people to book a room. You get to sing until they close which was around 12/1am if I didn't remember wrongly. That's like, 5hours of karaoke for $10! WORTH IT. When we were in the room, I realised everyone could sing really well so my boyfriend and I were just sitting there like ^^||| as if it's a singing competition my goodness.

Afterwards, we went for supper spontaneously at a China restaurant.

For everyone that haven't tried this dink in the above picture ^ GO TRY IT. It's not bitter herbal tea or whatever nonsense tasting tea I expected, it tasted almost exactly like gui lin gao with sugar syrup! It's very yummy and thirst quenching I love it! I can't remember the name of the restaurant we went to for supper but I remembered they sold a lot of weird China's local food there that I don't dare to try. Nope, no dog meat or human flesh. But there were still normal dim sum stuffs which actually tasted good ^^

Lastly, we, again, spontaneously (LOL) decide to go Clarke Quay to dance and drink! We cabbed down to Clarke Quay and randomly decides to go Grand Hollywood Thai Disco. Halfway, boyfriend suddenly had fever but insisted on coming along with us :( he insisted that I stay with them and was determined to be there to protect and accompany me the whole night :') I have the silliest best boyfriend ever. <3

When we were in Grand Hollywood, we played some drinking games and watched the really good looking Thais perform on stage. Some of them came over to the table and said hi, one of them was really good looking and my sister went all out flirting HAHA who knows if he might be gay.

The good looking Thai performer with sis.

The two other guys out with us that night.

As the place was closing at around 3am, we decided to hop to another place. Wanted to accompany the silly boyfriend to the A&E first but he kept stubbornly declining and insisting we go only after they want to leave too :( we walked to Shanghai Dolly but only when we were there we found out the age limits for guys there is 23 years old but 18 for girls -_- so we got on a cab and went over to orchard towers instead to Club Galaxy Thai Disco.

Boyfriend and I and Club Galaxy <3

When we were there, the first thing we saw was an drunk old man performing in his underwear or tight shorts. He knocked his head or teeth into the microphone oh my gosh it was so embarrassing. The smoke there was overwhelming too I hated that place most. I let boyfriend rest on my shoulders to nap while the 3 others continued their drinking games happily. Until stayed till around 4/5am+ and the other 3 still wanted to go eat breakfast, those insane people! I rejected and rushed boyfriend to A&E. Got a medical leave for him and some medication so luckily he didn't have to book in that morning in the condition he was in. We went back home after seeing the doctor.

That was briefly everything I did to celebrate Christmas! How did you guys celebrate yours? :)

Countdown to 2013!

On the day itself we actually had no concrete plans to celebrate countdown. We had plans to go night club karaoke with my mum, sis and other family friends, plans for steamboat, plans to go clubbing, but nothing was finalized. I was a bit upset in the day as we had nowhere to go. My friend's boyfriend and his friends were underage for clubbing and I didn't want to karaoke again or countdown at some eatery :X

In the end, we decided to go club at Zirca/Rebel with boyfriend's army mates and friends. But when we got there it was already past 10.30pm and the queues were crazily long. The crowd there was unbelievable.

To worsen things, reception was utterly horrendous. I had zero reception from 12am+ all the way till close to 1am and it was weak reception.

Boyfriend and I headed to MacDonald's to have our late dinner while his army mates went to queue.

Taken while waiting for boyfriend to get our dinner ^^

When we were on our way back to meet them at 11pm+, we were told that that were no more tables for Zirca. So we headed to Rebel instead. We queued at the queue for getting tables and when we were finally at the front, the staff tells us there's no tables left. We stood at the cover charge queue to decide if we should club or do something else until the clock struck 11.59pm, and it was time for countdown. We counted down to 2013 OUTSIDE Rebel and a lot of people counted down out there with us! Disappointed that we didn't get to club but it's New Year's! Pearly, her boyfriend and his friends together with my boyfriend and I went over to Beer Market while his army mates went drinking elsewhere.

At Beer Market, we played a couple of rounds of drinking games. Bought Jagerbombs, shots and flaming lambo. Tried Brain Hemorrhage shot and another shot (forgotten the name) for the first time too.

Brain Hemorrhage doesn't tastes as nice as it looks in my opinion...

 Boyfriend drinking flaming lambo~

Pearly and I at Beer Market. Known this girl since Secondary 1 <3

There wasn't much to do there so we left soon after. Went over to a friend's place for mahjong. Wanted to continue drinking there but Clementi had this stupid rule that you can't buy alcoholic drinks after 10pm -_- so we headed to his place with soft drinks.

I didn't feel well so I fell asleep at 4am+ after watching them play mahjong for awhile. I still don't know how the game works... ^^||| They started playing at around 3am+ and ended at around 10.30am! All crazy tired/falling sick but die die must finish the game! I woke up at 7/8am+ and watched boyfriend play mahjong. His luck got better after I woke up haha but overall lost $5, should have woken up earlier. All crazy people hahaha but it was fun while it lasted!

The above is a random picture of Pearly's boyfriend with herself, my boyfriend and I when we went on a double date the day before New Year's Eve! ^^

Boyfriend and I went to get Mac Breakfast after mahjong!

Us with our heavy eye bags~

Accompanied boyfriend to get his recruit haircut for his Passing Out Parade after. And I started to feel unwell and developed high fever (which was diagnosed as tonsillitis..) and rushed home to rest.

That was everything I did for the counting down to 2013! Hope you guys had a great countdown party! :)

That's all I have to update for today! There's school later on and it's considered the first day of school for me today... The assignments I have to go back rushing... oh the horror. I don't dare to even imagine. Got to rush off and get some sleep now. And for everyone that wished me to get well soon or have shown any concern over these few days, I'm really thankful. I'm a lot better now! Will try to blog as soon as possible, my school and work will make me extremely busy but I promise I will find time to blog! Thanks for reading! :)

Signing off,

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