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Charity Superbikes Calendar Photoshoot

Friday, January 18, 2013 @ 12:00 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi everyone!

Back in December last year, I was lucky enough to be chosen for a charity superbikes calendar photoshoot! Along with 12 other gorgeous models (seriously, they were really super gorgeous, there were a couple that were supermodels. Made me wonder how they thought of picking me to be amongst these beautiful models, very honoured), we are selected by Art of FS to be featured in a 2013 calendar which is being sold right now for charity (Make A Wish Foundation).

The morning of 23rd December last year, I, accompanied by my boyfriend, went down to Raffles area to have my make-up done for the shoot! The whole look was quite dramatic, definitely not a look you would wear on a normal day. It was a make-up style I have never tried before and I'm really glad the photos turned out really nice! My make-up artist of the day was Fizah from the Art Of FS (even the make-up artiste was really pretty too omg).

My cutie boyfriend camwhoring with my handphone while I was doing make-up hehe <3 ^^

Enjoying chats with my pretty make-up artiste while doing my make-up!

I asked Raynor to help me take a picture halfway through my make-up to see how I looked as there wasn't a mirror. Was surprised at how heavy my make-up was already when I'm only halfway done!

After doing make-up, Raynor and I went for lunch as my shoot was in the afternoon. We went to a nearby MacDonald's to have a quick lunch.

Took photos while Raynor went to buy our meals. This was how the make-up looked under the MacDonald's lighting.

We went back after lunch to change into my outfit, and also to get my hair and lipstick fixed.

Raynor took photos of me while I was doing my hair, they were teasing and hair spraying my hair so much and the whole time I was sitting there worrying about how I was going to untangle my hair after the shoot..
All hair and make-up credited to the Art Of FS.

This is the finished look up close! The make-up might look really heavy and the hair might look really messy, but this look was perfect for the photoshoot as the photos were taken from a distance.

After my hair and make-up was done, I met my photographer, which was a girl. My first time working with a female photographer!! All the other photographers were males by the way, only *I* got the female one hehe. And she's pretty too!! We got along really well and had a lot in common! I enjoyed the photoshoot with her very much! And she's none other than Ziana from Theme Photography!

We had our photoshoot from 1pm to 7pm (make-up started at 11am) so we were there for approximately 8 hours omg the longest shoot I ever did. It was raining on and off during the shoot too. It was as if the weather was going all out to play with us that day. When we brought the bike indoors, the rain stopped; when we drove the bike out again, it starts raining -_- had a tough time choosing the locations as there were people everywhere. We had to agree on a location so the biker can drive his bike there, but sometimes we'll end up and different places and we'll end up walking around looking for the biker. I had my stilettos on the entire 8 hours, walking around from Raffles to Clarke Quay and back. It was definitely one of the most tiring shoots I ever did.

Me smiling at my boyfriend who was there the whole entire time without a single complaint. <3

 Boyfriend snapped a picture of me while I was posing for the photographer ^^

Photos all taken by the biker! The photographer worked really hard to get good angles, even if it meant lying on dirty or wet ground. Respect. There were also what seemed like hundred over pairs of eyes staring at the photoshoot, tourists with their DSLRs or mobile cameras also started snapping photos. Think I did a good job ignoring all those people haha!

Here are some of the photos from the photoshoot!

And also the photo chosen for the calendar...

To be honest I think there plenty other nicer photos, I think my thighs look huge in this but... I shan't complain :X

I got the calendar yesterday (16th Jan) and this is how it looks like!

I'm on the month of March!

If you would like to purchase this calendar, it is $12 for normal postage and $15 for registered postage. You can email me at with:

Your name:
Your Address:
The no. of calendars you wish to purchase:
Registered/Normal postage:

Remember, all these money goes to charity (Make A Wish Foundation). All the models, photographers, make-up artistes are not paid to do this shoot, we worked so hard for this all for the name of charity! :)
We've done our part for charity, you can too by purchasing the calendar! I hope all these money can grant a lot more wishes for children with life-threatening diseases.

That is all for today's update! By the way, for old/regular readers, you would have noticed that I changed my blog banner! Will blog about that photoshoot soon! But before that, I would blog about Rainie Yang's concert I attended last Saturday (12 Jan)! Stay tuned! :)

Signing off,

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