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Malacca Trip!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 @ 5:19 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi guys!

I am sorry for taking so damn long to update my blog! I wouldn't deny that I have been procrastinating a lot :X Will be updating more often from this blog post onwards till end of 2013! Stay tuned! ^^

Frequent stalkers readers of my blog or is following my twitter/instagram or friends on my Facebook would know I've been in Malacca for a 3D2N trip with the school since Monday! I'm back in Singapore now! The very first thing I did once I got off the bus is to submit Malacca trip assignments and rush home to get ready for a casting. I didn't get selected, meh. Better luck next time!

Malacca trip has been quite fun, not as boring as I imagined, but is was still really tiring. Managed to clear some time for myself to rest at home (I know I have been whining about being tired a bit ), haven't felt so well rested in a long time! Now, let's get on to what happened at the trip! ^^

Day 1

I brought my tiger luggage (as seen in this post) and my soft toy bunny to the trip.

Yes this is the head of my soft toy bunny. You can't see it in this picture but it wears a human-sized T-shirt. It's pretty big to carry around and super attention seeking with my tiger luggage LOL JUDGE ME.

Reached school at around 7am and boarded the bus towards the checkpoints. After we reached Malaysia our first stop was at some random coffee shop. Saw a few stray cats and a lot of stray dogs! I always had the impression that stray dogs are all fierce, scary and all because the part of Singapore where I stay don't have much stray dogs. But to my surprise, the stray dogs weren't fierce at all! Instead they were all skinny and timid. :( People who know me personally would know that I LOVE animals and I would be the first to run up to any stray cats/ dogs to pet them hehe. They are all so adorable, there should be a special place in hell dedicated to all animal abusers.

This is the stray dog that came near to the table where my classmates and I were eating at. She was super afraid of humans but at the same time needed some food. Wanted to sayang this poor thing but she was too scared so I just fed her a bit of food from my breakfast instead. <3

After breakfast, we continued the bus journey to Malacca. The first thing we did was to have lunch and too our surprise, lunch was at a golf club with beautiful scenery (that I didn't manage to successfully capture with my crappy handphone camera :( )

The food tasted average only though. Still, a good start to our trip!

Headed off to the next activity after lunch! Went to some place with a big well and holy water. I blogged about that place in my old embarrassing blog before (no the blog isn't deleted, you can TRY googling for access to my old ugly photographs) and apparently, if you drink the water from that place, you will DEFINITELY return to Malacca. And the eerie part is, I was the minority that drank the water when I was there on a school trip with my secondary 3 school mates and sure enough, I returned to Malacca and visited the same place -_- not sure if coincidence or...

Next, we went to the Baba and Nonya Heritage Museum. Wasn't my first time there so I had a better understanding of whatever the tour guide was saying, but it's not as if I had much interest in it anyway LOL. Wish I could show you guys how beautiful the interior was but no photo taking was allowed in the museum. If you ever have a chance to visit Malacca, do check out the museum, it's worth a visit!

Continued on to the NUS Tun Tan Cheng Lock Centre (no I didn't actually  bother to remember the full names of the places I visit... I'm using the trip itinerary for that). Stayed there for a few hours to draw and rub textures. The projects displayed there were really quite impressive.

Hopped on the bus the headed off for dinner. Basically for the whole 3D2N we had almost the same food, was satisfied because in Malacca they serve chendol with the yummiest Gula Melaka (palm sugar) I've ever tasted so far. The gula melaka in Singapore's chendol and ice kachang is nowhere near that standard. Missing it already~ :(

Checked into our hotels at the end of the day! Stayed in a 5-stars hotel named hotel Renaissance under Marriott! School got the hotel last minute and I was really pleasantly surprised with the accommodation the school could put us up in within such a short notice (Y).

My room was already considered small, my classmates' room had a walk-in cupboard what the heck.

There was a bathtub in the toilet and hair dryer, super happy! There wasn't free wifi in the room though, had to camp in the lobby to leech free wifi. Not like us students have much choice, wifi in the room costs 20RM per 30 minutes of usage -_-

Went to the 24 hour convenience store opposite the hotel to get snacks and alcohol ;)
Bathed and invited the guys over to the bigger room. Played Indian poker till the guys couldn't take it and everyone went off to sleep by 12am as we all had to meet at 8am the next day.

Will blog about day 2 and 3 in a separate post, it's 5.15am now and my eyes and shutting down on me. Shall blog tomorrow! That's all for today's post! Thanks for reading!

Singing off,

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