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Malacca Trip! (Part 2)

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Hi guys!

I'm back as promised to blog about day 2 and 3 of my Malacca trip! Keep in mind that this is a SCHOOL trip, not a leisure trip so it wouldn't be as interesting as you might hope for it to be. Just updating about my life to you readers! I'm only human, I can't possibly make every single post super long and interesting to read. Sometimes I'll get lazy/tired and not blog a proper post (it is really obvious that I get A LOT more unique views when I blog about something more interesting, but oh well), but I promise to always try to blog something interesting alright! With that being said, lets start with day 2 of the trip!

Day 2

The day started off at 7am, and at 8am we had buffet breakfast in the hotel before heading off to Kampong Morten to do more sketching.

Kampong Morten was very near to our hotel. It was also near a beautiful river area, very much like Singapore's Clarke Quay. I can imagine a lot of couples coming down here for quiet dates or stroll.

Pretty isn't it? Wish my boyfriend was there with me too :(

We proceeded into Kampong Morten to do our sketching. To be honest, I HATE drawing. Have never been good in drawing or in any form of art. Never been interested in them too. Got a 0 for my Art subject during Secondary 1 Mid-Year Examinations because I didn't know how to draw flowers and couldn't be bothered to learn how. Only passed my overall because my classmate, Pearly, gave me one of her extra drawings to use as template LOL. You might be thinking now, then why did I choose a design course? Because I started working hard too late... I didn't score well enough to get into my dream course, Psychology, which needed a minimum of 9 points. I got 18 points, choices were very very limited. Well, I'm stuck in this course now and there's no turning back. Might blog about this in another blog post because this is getting irrelevant and off topic.

This is Kampong Morten. Saw a cat at the kitchen area and couldn't resist patting him and taking photos of him. My dream is to be able to have a corgi, munchkin, and a hamster to live altogether under one roof! Maybe even with a bunny!

LIKE THIS! *o* SO ADORABLE. Okay maybe I'm wishing for too much :(

If you were wondering how bad I draw... Yeah here it is. I couldn't be bothered with drawing in the table because I didn't know how to. It's supposed to be a perspective drawing... I know right, looks nothing like a perspective drawing. :(

After Kampong Morten, we had lunch and headed off to Jonker Street.

Blahblahblah history blahblahblah... then we shopped around there for a bit! It was like Singapore's Chinatown shops, all tourist items, nothing much to buy. Bought a head massage thing that tickles your nerves when you use it to poke your head. The tickling sensation actually relives your headaches! It looks like this:

Many of my friends actually thought it was for baking (beating/whisking of eggs) HAHA. It's also sold in Singapore's Chinatown (for double the price or more. Got this at only 4 or 5RM, crazy cheap). If you see it around, give it a try!

Also bought a toy for blowing bubbles with my classmate, Wanni! Attracted a lot of attention as usual, I think being attention seeking is my second nature HAHA, I don't care if I get judged. I'm being myself and I don't think there's a problem with it!

My super glamorous facial expression when blowing bubbles zzz.

Wanni waves the stick and bubbles come out, but no matter how I waved mine bubbles wouldn't come out -_-. #noob.

Took this with my phone using the app Camera 360 under HDR Bright mode. Pretty bubbles *o*

Afterwards, we climbed up a hill to some church on top of it.

My classmates camwhoring with my camera. I didn't want to be in the photos because I was super tired and perspiring a lot. :(

"Holy crab" (Pun by the tour guide)

Bought a couple bracelet for my boyfriend and I there ^^

There were a litter of kittens and one of them was playing with the Mother's tail as if it was a toy! SUPER ADORABLE.

I like how the Mum just lies there so calmly moving her tail with her kid constantly disturbing her, it's sooo cute.

We were supposed to continue to other places for more boring history talk, but then, it started raining and the lecturers decided to let us go shopping instead! WHOOHOO. I hate shopping when I have no money but I brought more than enough money to Malacca so I was super high!

Went to this megamall for our shopping!

These were what I bought!

Black and white striped mini skirt, around $7SGD
Leopard print bodycon, around $5+SGD
Nude colour peplum dress, around $12SGD
2 bras, around $24 SGD
Elianto nail polish sticker, around $7SGD
Elianto eyeliner (waterproof, tried it and it is SUPER durable), around $10+SGD

Quite satisfied with what I bought! Majority of the items were much cheaper and the usual prices you would find in Singapore, quite proud of myself!

Had dinner after shopping. Saw a rainbow outside the restaurant we were eating at!

On the bus back to our hotel we found out it was actually a double rainbow!


After reaching the hotel, I headed with my classmates, Tricia and Wanni, for massage at Jonker Street!

We walked to Jonker Street and realised that at night, that place is actually somewhat like a night market with street food, shopping and even bars! Regretted not going there on our first night. I can't remember what was the shop we went to for our massage but I remember seeing quite a few massage parlors and they were all priced the same. We paid around $20+SGD to have 1 hour of massage, 30mins feet massage and 30mins body massage. Felt like heaven for that hour.

On the way back to the hotel after the massage, we passed by some provision shop and saw this egg-shaped ice-cream that wasn't sold in Singapore!

It was really good, not to mention super cute too! I can't remember how much they cost exactly but as far as I can remember, they're really cheap.

Went back to the hotel, had cup noodles for supper and enjoyed the bathtub for awhile. Then it was rushing assignments for submission the next day. Went down to the lobby to leech wifi to Skype my boyfriend as I haven't talked to him for more than a week due to his field camp and my Malacca trip. We talked till I was the only one left in the lobby other than the receptionists. Even though the connection sucked, I was still contented to be able to hear his voice. <3

Continued rushing for submission with my classmates until we all fell asleep.

Day 3

Woke up realising we haven't finish our submissions but couldn't be bothered because we were so damn tired. Skipped breakfast and slept in till till 8.30am.

At 9am, we headed off to our final place for assignment, Taman Mini Malaysia. They apparently renovated and we were the first few people that were able to tour the place after it reopened. I didn't bother taking any photos as I was too busy trying to rush finish my submission. Stayed there for a couple of hours, talking about the history blahblahblah (that place had the worse tour guide, could barely hear what she was saying even though she's using a loud speaker. It's as if she's whispering to the loud speaker wtf), taking measurements of the place, etc.

Had lunch at another local restaurant and soon, we departed for Singapore!

Continued rushing my sketches out for submission in the bus. Was supposed to have every drawing done in pen/outlined in pen but I really couldn't be bothered to pen them especially when the bus ride was so bumpy. Meh.

Aaaaand that's the end of my Malacca trip!

Reached Singapore at around 6pm, reached school at around 6.30pm+ and submitted everything. Rushed home to change, make up and rushed off to a casting for a Christmas Eve bar job at INZ Bar, didn't get the job but oh well! Will work hard and go for every single casting opportunity if possible. I have another casting later on today at 4.30pm for being a brand ambassador! Wish me luck! <3

That's all for today's update! Thank you guys so much for reading!

Signing off,

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