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Hi guys!

I am SO sorry for the lack of updates this week!! I swear it isn't because I was lazy to blog, this whole entire week I've been so busy with school. I think I got less than 15hours of sleep in the whole WEEK. The number of sleepless nights I had his term was too damn much. It's finally the end of the term! Half of semester 2 is over YAY. Finallya break? NOPE. Later on today I'll be working at orchard as a Santarina! I was suprised that actually many people don't know what Santarinas are. When I tell my friends around me many of them would ask me what's a Santarina. I tell them "basically it's a female santa claus" and this picture this...

NONONONO. Well, santarinas look more like this...

So I'd be working as a Santarina in Town tomorrow, somewhere near Paragon I can't remember the details but I'd be there from 2pm to 6pm both today and Sunday! Will post details on my instagram, facebook and twitter! Do come down to support! :)

So basically, I'm not resting at all till Wednesday or Thursday as I'd be going with the school Malacca for our next assignment. I'd have assignments, events, photoshoots and after-holiday presentation to prepare for :( Even right now I'm giving up precious sleep time to update my blog as I really can't bear to see it so dead. Can't wait for my 2months end semester break!

Raynor went on field camp on the Wednesday and will be back on the day I'm at Malacca (10 to 12 Dec)... :( HATE school, apart from my lovable classmates, I really hate everything else. Other design courses have proper holidays, but Interior Design students in Singapore Poly don't even have time to even sleep a full 6hours per night. It's the longest period Raynor and I will ever go through without contacting each other (he can't bring his handphone) and I can't even be there on his bookout after his tough 6 days field camp... Sigh. He's so sweet to surprise me with long text messages sent through our mutual friend, Amelia (HI BABE I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS), even though he isn't able to text me. :') So lucky to have a boyfriend that's so sweet and full of surprises <3.

Had my last submission of the term today and I went out with my china buddies, Jin Yu (poly classmate) and Xiao Qiang (Jin Yu's room mate) to celebrate!

This is Jin Yu. 

Went Marina Square's K-box, their service is 10x better than scape's outlet. The one I blogged about here. The service standard difference is really too damn much. At Marina Sq's outlet, when you can't find your room after going toilet or whatever, they'd get someone to lead you in and they sent the drinks we ordered within 5minutes! Really love their service! Xiao Qiang treated us to karaoke and Jin Yu treated us to watch Skyfall! I only paid for my own food and movie snacks :p Really enjoyed my night out with them! I wanna visit their house soon to see their golden retriever!!

Isn't she pretty?

Didn't take any photos today except for those unglam ones Xiao Qiang took of Jin Yu and I...

He took the second photo and jokingly said he was gonna send it to his girlfriend who's the super clingy and easily jealous type, hence why I was covering my face -_-

Went to watch Skyfall with them and I thought the movie was AWESOME. Fantastic visual effects, acting, directing, plot, soundtrack. I used to hate movies with a lot of action and fighting scenes but ever since Raynor took me to watch Resident Evil, my views on action movies changed. Skyfall so far is my favorite action movie!! I'd rate it a 8.5/10! The only bad part was that the starting part of the movie took abit too long. I recommend action movie lovers and 007 lovers to go catch Skyfall! Non-action movie lovers STAY AWAY from Skyfall, it has no tear jerking scenes, comedy or lovey dovey scenes you're looking for, just pure action with smart humor. If you're the type that goes "har? Why everybody laughing? Funny meh? Gong simi?" when watching english movies, don't watch this too.

That is all for today's update! Gotta go catch some sleep before work later on now, thanks for reading! ^^

Signing off,

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