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Friday, November 16, 2012 @ 2:45 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi guys!

I know I haven't been updating for quite awhile, it's not that I don't want to, it's that I have nothing interesting to blog about! :( It's been schoolschoolschoolschool projects assignmentsassignments submissions and more submissions urgh. As busy as I am, I refuse to let my blog be dead like my previous blogs. Will make sure I always keep this blog updated! :)

12th November

School. Learnt more about autocading and perspective drawing. I know, what the heck am I talking about right? That's what I meant when I had nothing to update! Had cramps in school so I quickly went back home after school to take my pink pills and paste those winter heat pads boyf bought for me on my tummy. Those heat pads really help to relive cramps but ALWAYS gives me rashes, used around 5 of it in the span of 2 months and have 2 scars on my tummy now :( It was a rainy day so I hugged my soft toy bunny and quickly fell asleep. When I woke up I realised I was suppose to leave house 20mins ago to fetch my boyf from his first book out! I panicked and quickly grabbed all my bag and rushed out of the house. I felt so horrible as it was his first book out, it was so important to me but I overslept :'(

Reached Pasir Ris at around 7:20pm and finally saw my boyf after 11 days! He booked out thanks to deepavali as it's a public holiday, TGFI Thank God For Indians! Saw him with his shaved head for the first time too hehe he looks like a potato.

Boyf in his uniform and shaved head ^^

Accompanied him back home to change before he headed to my place. He's supposed to meet my family for the first time today. Had dinner at my place and chatted with my mummy. My family seems to like him hehe yay!

13th November

Boyf came over to my place! Was supposed to do my homework that day but I lazed in bed till lunch time :X Went to get grandma's lunch and had our own lunch and it was already late afternoon. Went back home and fell asleep again while boyf was packing his field pack. Woke up and did a bit of work while boyf napped LOL. We're such pigs, I know ^^ Soon it was time to send the boy to book in again. Accompanied boyf to Pasir Ris, had macs for dinner, met his buddy and other bunk mates and dropped him off at Pasir Ris interchange :)

Our soft toy bunny wearing his poly cheerleading cca T-shirt! Hehe. I hug her to sleep every night, she's a magic bunny, no matter how difficult it is to fall asleep, I'll fall asleep within 5 minutes after hugging her. ^^

14th November

Supposed to submit a school assignment today. I had to read 3 books over a span of 3 weeks and do a 300 - 500 words essay. 2 books about Buddha philispohy, 1 book on Vitruvius. I HATE reading books, never fail to give me headaches so unsuprisingly I didn't read any books. Wanted to do my work overnight but kept falling asleep after reading a paragraph/chapter from 3am to 6am urgh. Submission was by 1.15pm, I fell asleep for a couple of hours and woke up at 9.30am and rushed to read the 3 books. Quickly browsed through all of the 3 books within an hour and crapped my essay out within the next 45minutes. Aquarians are good last minute workers, sometimes I get impressed with how efficient I get at the very last minute LOL. Printed the essay out, packed my bag and got ready for school. Felt light-headed but brushed it off as having no energy because I haven't had lunch.

After lesson, I rushed to get lunch and had another 2 hour lesson in a freezing cold classroom when it was raining heavily outside. Accompanied my classmate to smoke after school (yes Jinyu I know you're stalking me, hi~). After I got up the bus to go home, I felt really giddy and nauseous. Immediately after reaching my block downstairs, I vomited in the drain IN THE RAIN fml vomit not enough the drain no shelter so vomit in the rain sigh. Reached home and vomited another 3 times wtf. Vomited my entire lunch out, drink water vomit water, eat medicine vomit medicine. Shivering and perspiring at the same time. Was the first time this whole year I actually fell this ill. Mum came home at night, gave me some magic pill and I recovered after that. Mothers are the best. <3

15th November

I literally have nothing to blog about today. Stayed at home the entire day so... yeah.

Sick still must update instagram later nobody want follow me </3.

16th November

It's only 2.41am now. Waiting for my classmate to send over the project work to let me continue editting. Not sleeping again tonight, HATE PROJECTS. 3 MORE WEEKS TILL HOLIDAY, JIAYOU ME! Boyfriend's booking out later at 4.30pm! At least that's something to be looking forward to hehe

Ok I say I have nothing to blog end up one super long post LOL SORRY FOR THE BORING UPDATE. That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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