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Hi guys!

I'll be blogging about how my weekends went! It'll be another boring post. Bear with me, holidays are coming in another 3 weeks!


Friday started off being a bad day as something cropped up with my group's project submission for school resulting in non-submission. Made me really stressed and upset. There was a trip to visit the shop houses in chinatown to learn more about them, was initially really looking forward to it but the submission matter made me lose every bit of that excitement so I didn't go for it in the end. Met up with the classmates after their lesson at chinatown to have lunch and headed to Bras Basah with project mates to get materials to build the model for the next project.

Model of my PREVIOUS project! Our very first model, quite excited to build the next one, it'll be a shop house one!

I didn't sleep at all the night before as I was rushing to complete the floor plans for submission (which didn't get printed in the end as the machine was spoiled -_- resulting in non-submission sigh). When I stepped into Art Friend, I suddenly felt extremely tired so I sat on top of a random stack of paper and slept LOL. I don't know how long I slept for, all I know is my group mates left me there and went off paying for the materials without waking me up :'( Went Bugis Junction afterwards, got Taiwan fried chicken snack for my boyfriend! This stall at Bugis Junction basement, in the middle of a shop selling fish shape snacks and fried flavoured balls snacks that sells oyster mee sua, sells the BEST Taiwan snacks! Even better than those in Bugis Street, go try it!!

Raynor had his first weekend book out last Friday, 16 Nov! This time I went there super early, around 20 minutes earlier to avoid being late hehe. After putting things down at my place, we headed over to Star Vista Mall at Buona Vista MRT to buy contact lens solution and new contact lenses! I normally wear Encore light blue contact lenses

as you can see from this photo here (CH-622). Bought the new GEO Princess Mimi series in grey and brown colour

as you can see from this photo here. I tried on the grey one first.

The lighting is a bit too dim to see the real exaggeration the contacts does to the eyes. It's a 15mm diameter contacts, my previous encore ones are only 14mm. $23 for one pair, $40 for two pairs! Boyf sponsored the 2nd pair. <3 Bought it at the same place Rachell Tan (pxdkitty) blogged about here! The contact lenses are pretty comfortable, but my ultimate favourite is still iFairy lenses, haven't found any place carrying that brand. :( If anyone sees it please tell me!

Had dinner and went home. Knowing I didn't sleep the night before, boyf tucked me into bed and patted me to sleep while singing our songs softly into my ears... Really blessed and the luckiest girl in the whole universe to be with him <3.


Boyf came at around early afternoon to accompany me to do my school assignments! We planned to go Far East Plaza to get stilettos for my upcoming photoshoot and a pair of shoes for him as the soles of his shoe broke. I finished my assignments too late and went out for a late movie instead at JCube!

#OOOTN Our Outfits Of The Night (LOL)

Watched "Ah Boys To Men"! The cinema was PACKED even thought the show was at 11pm! Raynor and I took the last two seats available in the third row.

 I rate the movie a 3/5. The movie was entertaining and really funny, very "Singaporean" jokes. Wasn't a movie with great special effects that you had to watch in cinemas though. Not worth the weekend price of $11. But I still recommend people to watch it, especially if you have friends or relatives serving NS and you want to know more about their life in tekong. Looking forward to Part 2! 6th February, one day after my birthday! ^^

Cabbed home after the movie and I continues with my assignments :( Boyf stayed and accompanied me, watching me do my assignments until he fell asleep. I let him sleep at my place that night while I slept on my pull out bed. So happy to be able to sleep beside him. <3


I woke up with terrible backaches and neck aches from doing my work on the floor too long. I skipped 2 chiropractic adjustments that week and the pain was really unbearable. Boyf woke up, cradle carried me onto my proper bed and massaged me until I felt better. I really don't know what good things I've done to be worthy of such a great boyf. :')

After I was done with the assignments, boyf accompanied me to queensway to get some things printed and we had dinner there! There are 2 famous katong laksa outlets there, both tastes really good! If you are there for your first time and wonder which one is better, just eat at the outlet that has seats lah, both outlets are always packed at dinner time anyway, you'd be lucky to even get seats.

Sent boyfriend off to Pasir Ris to book in afterwards!

Can't wait for the next book out already~. 5 more days to our 4th month of being together, time really flies. It'll be on his bookout weekend! So happy to be able to spend our 4th month together instead of him being cooped in the army and me being suffocated with projects ^^

That's all for today's entry! Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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