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Hi guys! Sorry for taking so long to update this time round, have been busy with school assignments :(
Firstly, happy new month of NOVEMBER! It's 7 weeks to Christmas, are you excited?? I know I am! My Christmases have never been super happening or whatever, just happy enough to be able to spend special occasions with my loved ones.

My boyfriend just booked into army on the 1st November, couldn't send him in because of school early in the morning. Really hope I can be there for his first book out!

Okay, now back to the main topic of today's blogpost! Yes, as you can see it from my post title, it's on my photoshoots! I am not a professional model or any popular person whatsoever. I was lucky enough to be selected by edgemedia to join their model crew when I was having my I.T show job interview there as well! (Yes, where I first met my boyfriend ^^)

I had my first photoshoot for my portfolio with them manymany months ago (I think around March/April?) because I didn't have any proper photos I could use! The photoshoot was free of charge. Heard they are charging for the photoshoots now, not too sure about that but I don't advice anyone to do so because it's really not a PROPER photoshoot. It's just a tiny room with a blue back drop with one of their models doing the photographing -_- The photoshoot turned out to be a disaster in my opinion. I looked awkward in all of the photos. Maybe that's why until NOW, SEVEN months later, they STILL have not done up my portfolio. Still have the cheek to ask me to work for other I.T shows when they themselves can't get a simple job done. It's really a quite crappy company to be honest. But anyway, here are a couple of my photos taken by them.

After seeing all those horrible photos, I decided to look for other photographers hoping that there will be better photos. Looked for random photographers my elder sister recommended. Contacted 2 photographers and went for 2 separate TFCD photoshoots.

The first one was quite bad, but not as bad as the edgemedia one. The photographer was quite amateur and told me he photographs more for fun than as a profession. Didn't hate the photos but didn't love it either. Here are some photos from that photoshoot.

The second photographer had a quite good portfolio of models on his facebook. Was told to shoot at MBS. Was super nervous and tensed as it was only my second outdoor shoot and there was so many people staring. When I get nervous there tends to be a frown line on my left eyebrow :( My fringe covered my face most of the time too. Can say that this was a ok photoshoot but because I was too inexperienced most of the photos didn't come out as good as I expected :(

Photos from the second outdoor shoot:

After the first three photoshoots, I was busy with school assignments and submissions and stopped hunting for TFCD photographers.

During my holidays, I went for my friend's 18th birthday party and her brother was a photographer. I knew him from my 18th birthday party in February as I had it in Avalon and invited her along and her brother works at Avalon as a photographer! After her party, he sent me home as we stayed only opposite blocks from each other. We chatted and he heard I was doing modelling and I explained how I didn't have proper photos for a portfolio. He asked me if I wanted to join his team of models under "Vogue Integrated Photography Models" and he could do photoshoots for me. I accepted his offer and did my fourth photoshoot and also my second indoor photoshoot! This is my most recent photoshoot which I took in October! LOVED all the photos he took, he was really patient and professional and gave really good directions! Here are some of the photos from my most recent photoshoot with Vogue Integrated Photography Models!

I thought there were VAST improvements from my previous few photoshoots!!

If there are photographers out there that wants to work with me, message me on facebook at :)

 Will hunt for more photographers in my next holiday to widen my portfolio. That's all for now! Thanks for reading! ;)

Signing off,

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