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Friday, November 30, 2012 @ 12:00 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't been updating as often, the new shophouse assignment is killing me. Countless of sleepless nights. Hope it'll be all worth it! ONE MORE WEEK THEN IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! I cannot wait!! Anyway, today I'd be updating on what I did during the weekends! My weekdays are mainly made up of visiting one of Singapore's conservation site, Kampong Glam, for my shophouse project. Got like, 2 shades darker from spending 3 hours under the sun drawing on Monday... It's like my second home for now. :(

I hate getting tan lines...

Friday (23rd Nov)

Raynor's bookout day today!! He surprised me by saying he had Re-Training in camp and couldn't book out but it was postponed!! Hehe I was super happy! We went Town at night to get my stilettos for my first bike shoot the next day!

The bus ride... LOLOL. Don't say I only upload unglams of my boyfriend ah!

The pretty Christmas lights were up!! Wanted to take nice pictures but I didn't bring my digital camera and both our phone's camera were crappy. So these are what we managed to take!

After getting my stilettos, we walked around awhile more, admiring the pretty Christmas decorations~
Went Cineleisure to get new shoes for him cuz he had been wearing a pair of shoe with a hugeeee split at the bottom, the sole area. Basically his old pair sorta split into half but he was still wore it for weeks as he wanted to pamper me with his pay and didn't want to spend money on himself... Had to insist he get a new pair and drag him inside the shop. Got some things for myself at bead street too!

All these for only $4.50!!! (Nail polish 2 for $2.50, rings 2 for $2, if I'm not wrong)

Saturday (24th Nov)

I had my first bike shoot last Saturday! I shot it with my new favourite photographer, James Zheng from Mango Photography! I find him really professional and easy-going! He's currently still looking for models (both male and female), anyone interested in modelling or models interested in expanding their portfolios can contact him! His facebook: James Zheng

Raynor accompanied me!! <3

Outdoor shoots are always so warm and unbearable, luckily I have Raynor with me. He helped me to get drinks and sheltered me from the sun with his body :') Always so supportive of anything I want to do and sacrifices so much for me... Love my boyfriend a crazy lot <3

Met another model, Cindy, at the shoot too! She was super nice and friendly! I didn't know how to pose well so she guided me throughout the shoot! Enjoyed shooting with her very much ^^

The outfit James gave me for the shoot ^^

Anyway, here's a sneak preview of the shoot! Photos are resized as I got it off facebook, the CD will be passed to me another day, will upload the higher resolution ones then!

My favourite one is...

This one!

Think the photos look not bad considering it's my first bike shoot! What do you think?

After the photoshoot Raynor and I went for lunch then Rochor Tauhuay! 

Super yummy!!

We went home to nap afterwards cause we were sooo tired, I slept everywhere we went.

After napping, we went Plaza Singapura to enjoy our FREE Pizza Hut meal!! SAF gave Raynor a voucher to enjoy a complimentary meal FOR FOUR. It consists of 2 pan pizzas, 4 soups, 4 drinks. Didn't take any photos of the food cuz we were starving!! Finished everything! I love eating, so happy to eat all that for free LOL!

Watched a late night movie, Pitch Perfect, after dinner! We walked down to Cathay and bought tickets for the 11pm slot! Again, we were only the first 2 row seats.

My ultimate favourite character from the movie is the fat girl!! In the movie she's called Fat Amy (or Fat Patricia??), real name Rebel Wilson. She's hilarious! She's gonna act in another movie called "Bacholorette" CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT ALREADY!

Anyway, for Pitch Perfect, I rate it a 6.5/10. Because the entire movie's content is only so-so. It has good comedy in it, but it was so predictable it bored me a little. It has the WORSE ending. Nobody in the cinema even knew it ended. It was so damn arubpt. Everyone's like, "Har? Like that only ah? No more already?" Butbutbut, it wasn't entirely bad. I loved the comedy and was blown away by the music!! Not an entire waste of money for me, Raynor fell asleep though :X I felt like it was just like, a better version of Glee. Just my opinion though, it was rated 7.6 on IMDb. It's still in the cinemas! Go watch it on weekdays if you want, at least if you felt the same way as I did the tickets on weekdays are cheaper :X

Sunday (25th Nov)

Raynor's book in day. He came over in the early afternoon and I could tell he was still super tired from staying out late last night :( I let him sleep on my bed, he kept telling me he wasn't tired at all with a huge smile but once he lied down on the bed, I rubbed his tummy and he fell asleep within a minute. I let him sleep till 4pm+ Then we headed to Pasir Ris. Had MacDonald's for dinner and the new burger sucked, I WANT MY SAMURAI BURGER AND CHEESE SHAKER FRIES. They should seriously consider making Samurai Burger meal a permanent thing on the menu. Went home after sending Raynor off at the interchange <3

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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