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10 Things girls do NOT look for in a guy

Monday, November 26, 2012 @ 3:16 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hi guys!

My submission for shop house part one is finally submitted! The feeling of not rushing work for submission on Monday is oh soooo good. But this feeling wouldn't last for long though, it's Monday again and soon I'll be packed with submission with packed deadlines all over again *sigh*.

Before the hectic schedule starts all over again, I'd want to do a short update before this space collects dust (it's been 6 days since the last update wtf).

What I will be blogging today is: 10 Things girls do not look for in a guy.

Girls do not look for guys who:

1. are overconfident of themselves.

For example, guys who insults other people as being 'fat' or 'ugly' and avoids making friends with people they define unattractive because hanging out with these people is a disgrace as they find themselves so damn handsome even David Beckham can't win them. The ironic part is, most of the time, these people are the ones with below average looks. With a face like that paired with a crappy character? MAJOR turn off.

2. don't smell good.

Because that leaves the impression that you are dirty and do not care about your image at all. Sometimes, guys have to be slightly vain. Because to us girls, looking and smelling good gives us the impression that you bother to be at your best around us. It's a type of basic respect. It's like, do you go for a job interview right after playing soccer?

3. are male chauvinists. Nothing more turn off than a guy who looks down on girls, thinking females deserve lesser than males. Yuck.

4. resort to violence to settle matters.

You may find it real manly, but we girls find it real immature. We'd only find it manly if you're fighting for the country or fighting to protect us from harm. Unless you're a wrestler, boxer, or a sumo, don't use your fists; use your brains. ESPECIALLY if you would hit a woman, nobody would even respect you if you do so.

5. shout at their their wife/girlfriend in public.

No matter what she did wrong, you shouldn't be shouting at her in public. If you guys ever do that and your other half leaves you, don't be surprised. Girls, if your other half is using violence on you or shouts at you in public, that's abuse. LEAVE HIM while you still can. Don't be a clingy retard, you'd only be harming yourself.

6. are insensitive.

Yes, most girls get jealous easily. Some girls get jealous over the slightest thing like quarrelling with you after you get a text from your pretty female friend or unhappy when you comment that another girl is pretty. When you are whining and complaining to your other male friends about your unreasonable girlfriend/wife, have you ever thought that it was because you were insensitive? You get a text from your pretty female friend, you can say something like, "oh that's just my classmate/colleague. Awww are you jealous? Don't worry, you're the prettiest angel in my eyes." You accidently called another girl pretty infront of your girlfriend/wife? You can say something like, "She's pretty... but I find you perfect." Learn to talk like that, learn to assure her to avoid quarrels. Girls, if your other half does this, don't remain unhappy and jealous. He's not gay, it's only natural.

7. are immature.

Relationships usually doesn't last when you date around the age of 12 - 20 because guys are usually more playful and immature around that age. Girls mature earlier than guys, it's a well-known fact and not a feminist statement. I got this off google:

Females both enter puberty faster than males, and end puberty sooner. That includes physical maturity, hormonal maturity, and mental maturity. We're about 2 years ahead (on average).

Female children also tend to crawl earlier, walk earlier, potty train earlier, and read earlier.

Males usually catch up by their early 20s, though, so this is not an issue for adults.

There are evolutionary reasons for this. First, since males are generally bigger, their puberty lasts longer - it takes them longer to go through their growth spurt.

Second, females of most species generally benefit by maturing quickly. They can take a mate and start an independent life. Males, on the other hand, benefit by staying "young" longer, so that they do not have to face dominance issues from the alpha male. Therefore, they tend to retain more juvenile characteristics longer.


I'm a biological anthropologist.
So don't hate us girls when some of us say we don't date younger guys, it's because younger guys are most of the time more immature as compared to older guys. Guys, if you really do fall for an older woman, just give it time and prove to her that you're mature enough to handle a relationship!

8. are flirts/casanova/players. As mentioned earlier in my 6th point, girls get jealous easily. Why would we look for a guy who has 4000+ female "friends" & subscribes to 690826947 females on facebook, and follows 3087830637 random girls on twitter? Why would we find someone who clubs every possible day? Wondering why you're still single now? And a reminder to everyone:

9. are insecure. Guys always complain about how their girlfriends leave them while they are in the army, how their girlfriends left them for some other guy, blahblahblah. Have you ever thought that it was because your insecurity was making her lose her patience? In Singapore, guys serve National Service for 2 years. Imagining having to put up with your insecurity for 2 years. "You're going out? Who are you going out with? Clubbing? NO. Lunch? Male classmates? NO. Why do you always seem so busy, is there something more important than me?" It's almost impossible to put up with. If your girlfriend/wife knows how to put up with your insecurity, TREASURE HER.

10. lack in common sense. For example, guys who still hangs out with their ex-girlfriends 1-on-1, hangs out with a girl 1-on-1 but doesn't tell the girlfriend/wife in advance, adds a <3 behind a text message to other girls, privately messages other girls that the girlfriend/wife wasn't introduced etc. This is not just insensitivity, this is stupidity... You KNOW it's gonna lead to unhappiness and ultimately quarrels but yet you still do it. If this isn't stupidity, I don't know what is.

There you have it, the 10 turn offs and main reason why so many guys are still single. I hope this post helps some of you guys notice your problems earlier and helps you avoid any relationship crisis you might be facing. That's all for today's update, thanks for reading!

Signing off,

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